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Our company is pure Dutch eco-Design.

Our company originates from the Dutch word ‘Skoon’. That stands for nice, clean and attractive.
We design handmade beds for lovers of luxury, durability, comfort and personality.
This is a bed for whom the best bed is still not good enough.

We promise you a good night sleep, premium quality, excellent workmanship, royal comfort, attractive...

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The company was founded by Digby Henson in 2012, after working for over 15 years in the Organic and Ecologic sector throughout Europe decided to create a dynamic and down to Earth company, with a unique philosophy, to make a better world “For a Better World”

Here you will find a selection of unique and high quality organic products. We personally select and try all our products to...

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Hi we come from Pakistan.
We have a specialization in different items and have a relationship with our customers/suppliers based on complete understanding / trust.


* TERRY TOWELS (Towels in Plain Dyed, Yarn Dyed , striped, jacquard, velour, with embroidery )
* TERRY BATHROBES (Plain Dyed, Yarn Dyed , striped, jacquard, velour,...

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As Parkotextile company we are located in Izmir Turkey and we are the leading suppliers of knitted ready made garments from organic and conventional cotton.

We are certified by Control Union with GOTS standarts.

Our company is quite famous for it’s quality and quick delivery terms together with reasonable prices.

We have a huge production line from t-shirts to sweatshirts, polo...

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Our company priority is natural materials, hand work and comfortable design. Hand knitted garments for babies and toddlers – cardigans, pants, sweaters, dresses, hats, booties, overalls, etc., made from organic cotton.

Please send us a request to know more!

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Eventi e fiere

Sostenibili si diventa: Camera Nazionale della Moda ospite al convegno del 25 ottobre 2013, al Palazzo dei Congressi di Firenze

Sostenibili si diventa, obiettivi, processi, persone, prodotti, che vanta il patrocinio di Confindustria Firenze, Consorzio Centopercento Italiano e Leatherzone, vedrà anche la partecipazione della Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

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