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Hi everybody, We are a multi-brand retailer and we sell ethical women's fashion and accessories. Products are unique, stylish, contemporary in their look, well-finished and priced in the mid-range of high street price range.

Our company bridges the gap between talented designers around Africa who have a strong local presence but want to sell internationally, and the global population.


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Our brand is an award-winning designer of intricately beautiful designer jewellery. Its collections contain a mix of traditional craftsmanship with original, chic designs, giving a vintage quality to her pieces. Created using delicate metal latticework and ethical materials, Arabel Lebrusan’s designs strike a perfect balance between the stylish and the elegant, the ancient and the...

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Bottled Up Designs, unique and stunning jewelry handmade in the Pennsylvania Amish Country from antique glass and bottles reclaimed throughout the wooded habitats and rural farmlands in an effort to help the environment and remove this hazard to the wildlife.

Each piece includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history and age of the glass used. A truly unique way to...

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Our Company aims to support indigenous tribes in Brazil by helping them to sell their crafts over the internet. We buy our products directly from Brazilian indians; some of them we know for over 20 years. During this period we enjoyed a mutually fruitful relationship.

Our main product are the seeds necklaces crafted by this people. Over time, we have also developed a range of organic jewellery...

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Our company offers bespoke luxury products inspired, designed and made in the developing world, supporting its growth and future. Unique creations and an experience beyond luxury can be expected. Ours is attitudinal in approach, appealing to women and men from 25-55+.
Our products are unique, tried and tested in the UK and European market, of high quality and stunning design. We support...

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Eventi e fiere

Sostenibili si diventa: Camera Nazionale della Moda ospite al convegno del 25 ottobre 2013, al Palazzo dei Congressi di Firenze

Sostenibili si diventa, obiettivi, processi, persone, prodotti, che vanta il patrocinio di Confindustria Firenze, Consorzio Centopercento Italiano e Leatherzone, vedrà anche la partecipazione della Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

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