Focus on - Tessili Biologici

As Parkotextile company we are located in Izmir Turkey and we are the leading suppliers of knitted ready made garments from organic and conventional cotton.

We are certified by Control Union with GOTS standarts.

Our company is quite famous for it’s quality and quick delivery terms together with reasonable prices.

We have a huge production line from t-shirts to sweatshirts, polo...

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We are wholesale stockists of all kinds of Organic fabrics and made ups.
We do all kinds of Organic cottons, Organic Linen,Organic Wool and Organic Silk fabrics. and made ups. We also do Eco blends and work with recycled polyestor. Our MOQs are just 50 mts per color/fabric for wholesale pricing. We work with a wide rooster of clients from 18 countries ranging from start ups to national brands....

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Our company stand tall as flagship enterprise of $1.5 Lal Bhai group, one of the largest textile and apparel conglomerate in India with significant global presence.

We procures organic cotton which is majority (approx. 50%) of the farmers' produce. We also assist them to find market for other organic rotational crops that they cultivate like soybean, pulses, chick peas, black lentils, mung...

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Ours is a 16 year old vertically integrated company manufacturing Herbal-natural dyed textiles.

Our patented process uses medicinal plants, herbs and natural ingredients for the dyeing and colouring process. These are non toxic textiles, very soft, comfortable and free synthetic dyes.

Used for designers, baby clothing, spas, lounge wear, bed and bath products.

Choose from a wide variety of...

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At our company we accommodate our clients by delivering exceptional luxury and high quality eco-freindly decorative pillows, curtains, runners, exclusive lamps and other designer furniture. Founded in 2013, BHD features unique and exceptional pieces made with love, passion and the desire to fulfill your dream home décor. BHD and its team are dedicated to providing an ethical and sustainable...

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Eventi e fiere

Sostenibili si diventa: Camera Nazionale della Moda ospite al convegno del 25 ottobre 2013, al Palazzo dei Congressi di Firenze

Sostenibili si diventa, obiettivi, processi, persone, prodotti, che vanta il patrocinio di Confindustria Firenze, Consorzio Centopercento Italiano e Leatherzone, vedrà anche la partecipazione della Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.

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