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The organic oil and wine producing company was started in 1988 in Pienza, Tuscany, where Thomas Wulf planted his first vineyard with Manzoni bianco and Sangiovese grapes with the organic control operator number 091.

From 2002 he moved to Vetralla where, in his company winecellars, continued to make wine from the grapes of the original farm in Tuscany with those of Vetralla.

Today our farm extends to an area of 11 hectares of which 5 are vineyards. While in the remaining part there are 350 century old olive trees mainly of the Canino type, the famous native variety of Tuscia.

The Vineyards, planted mainly in Volcanic soil and with a temperate climate (250m asl) were started thanks to the intuition of the owners Thomas and Valentina Chiarini Wulf who believed in the potential of this land that is perfectly suited for growing  not only Olives but also the highly prized  wine grapes. White grapes, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot have found a great home here.  Through careful organic cultivation, the consequent reduction in yield and the transformation that occurs without “manipulation” in the cellar, these wines  from healthy grapes are products of high quality and strong local character. They display all the different influences of the different vintages, the qualities of the soil and the craftsmanship in the vineyard and the cellar that makes them elegant and well- balanced.

The grand old Olive Trees are treated with the same care. The Olives, picked early and taken to the mill are processed the same day resulting in healthy oil that is a delight to the senses.

Our wines are healthy, honest and of high quality.

The monovarietal Grappa Manzoni bianco and Grappa riserva, rough and soft at the same time, come exclusively from the left overs of farm grapes skilfully transformed at the distillery Nannoni situated in Paganico, Tuscany.

We are now producing also Vinegar from our red wine and from our white wine. And also Condimento Balsamico, made by our Mosto and our Vinegar.

We are interested in selling in Austria, Germany, Belgium, Scandinavian, Denmark and Netherland. We speak English, German and Italian, of course.

Please send us a Contact Request if you want to get in touch. Thank you.

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