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Ours is the world’s foremost American Native pecan grower. Our journey has taken us from hand-picking native pecans in 1974 to providing USDA organically certified native pecans today.  Some of our pecan trees are as old as George Washington which demonstrates that our pecans are optimally sustainable and we are committed to continuing to provide naturally healthy, tasty organic pecans.

As agricultural practices have grown to encourage larger product yields with massive crop sizes, the pecan industry has been no different. With most pecan trees being grafted, cloned or hybridized, the average nut size is three times larger than a wild, native pecan. This industrialized production produces five times as many pounds per acre but loses out when it comes to taste. What makes Missouri Northern Pecan Growers so unique is that we are the only certified organic native pecan growers with our brand name American Native pecans. This means that our pecans are not grafted or cloned for size, making them smaller in size than most pecans, but much greater with their sweet taste. 
Our certified organic status ensures that our wild pecan trees maintain their chemical and biological integrity by keeping the soils undisturbed and free from toxic pesticides and fertilizers.

Our pecans come from 25-35 farmers in Vernon County in Southwest Missouri, each committed to providing an organic tasty pecan.

Our pecans can be found in health food and retail stores around the world and in all 50 states.

We are interested in expanding our commercial channels.

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Informazioni sulle certificazioni

Missouri Northern Pecan Growers is a certified organic, wild pecan grower/manufacturer. Missouri Northern Pecan Growers has always been committed to keeping out pecan trees free from toxic pesticides, herbicides & fungicides. Our American Native pecans are organic and wildly grown in southwest Missouri with some pecans produced from trees over 300 years old. Being wildly-grown, native pecans, are nuts are smaller and sweeter than our grafted competitors who industrialize the agriultural process by grafting a sapling into an already established tree to increase nutmeat size and production. Because our pecans are wild and grown in their native climate they are smaller and have a higher oil content making them taste softer and sweeter than most other pecans. 

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