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Le Puy en Velay, Clermont-Ferrand, Hong-Kong

Descrizione Azienda

Ours is a French Company that creates and manufactures natural & organic skincare products of high quality. Our ranges are elaborated with a total of twelve different medicinal herbs, which constutes one of the richest plants base in the organic cosmetics world.

At the core of our motivation to create always better and more efficient products are our users, current and future.Our priority is you and your needs.

Our recipes are inspired from the French herbalist tradition. The care and professionalism we put in the selection of our plants and natural ingredients, as well as our artisanal manufacturing process, ensure to our customers the best quality. Our plants extraction process is based on natural principles free from any chemical additives.

HERBAL LEGEND proposes two ranges: one dedicated to women, the other dedicated to men. Both ranges are conceived to provide the essential skincare products adapted to the specific needs of each. 

We are looking for distributors, retail shops, beauty institutes and SPA to sell our skincare ranges.

Certificazioni ecologiche
Le certificazioni richieste sono state ottenute sul prodotto finito, sulle materie prime o sui processi di produzione.
Ricordiamo che è importante sempre conoscere le possibilità di utilizzo del marchio o del nome della certificazione menzionata.

Questa azienda ha ottenuto le seguenti certificazioni: Bio Earth Durable

Informazioni sulle certificazioni

Label BIO EARTH DURABLE is one of the most demanding & clear certification in today’s Organic Cosmetics world. The certification is based on concrete actions, ethics and scientific proves. It implies rigorous control of ingredients and production processes, as well as brands’ commitment to Sustainable Development.

These are the main reasons why Herbal Legend chose BIO EARTH DURABLE label, for its seriousness, and fully committed actions.

To obtain the certification the ingredients contained in cosmetics have to be natural, recyclable and must not have been chemically modified. Extraction processes must not harm animals or threaten ecosystems’ balance.

GMO are forbidden.

Some synthetic products might be allowed when essential to the formula. They have then to comply with Green Chemistry’s principles and their innocuousness must have been scientifically proven.

For more information about “Green (or sustainable) Chemistry”, please refer to: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_chemistry

The label also guaranties the purity of the Organic ingredients used: tests certifying the absence of pesticides are made in laboratory for each production.

Manufacturing processes authorised have to be respectful of mankind and environment. They have to be based on mechanical or physical principles. Plants extraction methods can only use natural solvents.

Brands’ commitment to Sustainable Development

Environmental measures:

Biodegradable formulas;
Recyclable packaging (glass, aluminium, recyclable plastics like PET or PEHD);
Reduction of secondary packaging;
Optimisation of Energy consumption;
Local procurement;

Social measures:

Local Economy support;
For ingredients not available locally, the brand has to respect Fair trade guidelines;
The brand has to commit to social, humanitarian and animal causes;
Respect of genders parity at work.

All certified brands have to register their full product ranges at the Cosmetic Products Notification Portal (CPNP) as a compulsory measure in favour of consumers’ protection.

Criteri ecologici



Fatto a mano

Su misura


Cruelty Free


Always endeavouring to offer the best to our users, our formulas are 100% natural, elaborated with concentrated organic plants extracts, and no additional water. Filled with powerful non diluted ingredients, our skincare products bathe your skin with vitality and help preserve its youth.

Our artisanal plant extraction process, based on ancestral herbalist’s methods, doesn’t have recourse to any chemical product.

The aromas (fragrance) we use are fully natural and proved without any allergens. “Garden lime”, “autumn leaves”, “entrancing jasmine” and “cut flowers” give our ranges a comforting “cocoon” spirit.

Allergens free, parabens free, silicone free, colouring free, PEG & phenoxyethanol free, our products are trusted to a specialised laboratory, which performs the dermatological tests that guaranty the best quality and tolerance.

I nuovi prodotti

To answer the specific needs of modern life, Herbal Legend has created two innovative skincare for face, providing immediate revitalisation and tensing effects : “Ste Hildegarde’s Secret” for women, and "Light Synergy" for Men. 

1- “Ste Hildegarde’s Secret” (In French: “Le secret de Ste Hildegarde”): Instant Revitalising Facial Boost.

Short night, hectic life, your skin is exposed to many sources of stress. Insufficient sleep impacts micro-circulation, causing swellings and drain of colour. The skin tends to produce sebum in excess, and imperfections may appear.

The exclusive and organic complex we created, after the teachings of Ste Hildegarde, combines the carefully selected properties of four plants, which address efficiently the specific needs of tired and stressed skin.

Stimulating, toning, soothing, antiseptic, our “Secret” wipes off the signs of tiredness and boosts your skin’s natural defences. Your face is fresh and glowing.

Instructions: apply in morning to clean face, eye contour and neck before your moisturising care “Beneficial Dew”.

One dose of 1,25gr per application is recommended. Your bottle contains about 40 doses.

Tip: for an immediate beautifying effect, apply one dose off your “Secret” to clean face, before your evening make-up.

2-“Light Synergy” (In French : “Synergie Lumière”): Anti-fatigue Gel for Face. Instantly boosts skin & combats the effects of modern life.

A chaotic sleep, a festive rendez-vous with Bacchus? Your wake-up face may betray you… Don’t panic, we’ve got the solution for you!

By combining the concentrated organic extracts of mentha piperita for skin tonicity, salvia officinalis for sebum production balance, and achillea millefolium for its efficiency to prevent cell oxidation, we’ve perfected a unique remedy: “Light Synergy”.

Real booster for tired skins, our cream-gel restores the colour and vitality of your face.

Instructions: apply in morning to clean face, eye contour and neck, before your skincare “Apothecary Balm”.

A dose of 1,25gr per application is sufficient. Your bottle contains about 40 doses.

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Unione Europea, Francia, Hong Kong (Cina)

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Organic & Natural Beauty London 2015 (Regno Unito)