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Bhumi, Mother Earth in Sanskrit, is the energy and sacred connection of us all.

We aim to honour this connection by nurturing our fragile environment, restoring a balance in humanity and providing compassion to the earth with our certified organic cotton products and fair trade practices.

Bhumi designs products that reflect the natural beauty around us and provides the building blocks for greening your life and home. Our range fuses the worlds of sustainable exquisite fabrics, contemporary designs and green living.

Bhumi products are:

1. Organic - Made from 100% GOTS certified cotton, no GMOs and no toxic dyes
2. Sustainable - Made using methods that do not cause harm to our natural resources
3. Fair Trade - Grown and made in Fair Trade certified farms and mills
4. Recycled - Recycled, recyclable and non toxic packaging

If we stop to think about our giant footprint on the Earth, the notion of sacredness becomes an important part of our efforts to live sustainably. We tend to live beyond the world’s ecological means but we can all make positive educated choices that can help protect the Earth and we can still live, love and be happy. With knowledge and the power to change, we can co-exist, adapt, cherish, respect, nurture and love the Earth in its entirety.

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification ensures Bhumi products are produced with the use of less water than regular cotton, does not use any harmful chemicals, allergens, insecticides, pesticides, toxic dyes, bleaches or finishes and does not use genetically modified seeds. Overall, this results in having the lowest environmental impact, a deep sense of social justice with fair trade practices and also the purest cotton, which is soft, resilient and gentle on the skin. Love each other deeply, love the Earth in abundance.

Please contact us through Connature contact form. Thank you!

Certificazioni ecologiche
Le certificazioni richieste sono state ottenute sul prodotto finito, sulle materie prime o sui processi di produzione.
Ricordiamo che è importante sempre conoscere le possibilità di utilizzo del marchio o del nome della certificazione menzionata.

Questa azienda ha ottenuto le seguenti certificazioni: Global Organic Textiles Standard (GOTS)

Informazioni sulle certificazioni

Why choose Bhumi?

Bhumi is an Australian owned company offering sustainable contemporary products for Bed, Bath, Body, Little Ones and Table Linen made from premium quality 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and produced using fair–trade practices. Bhumi designs products that reflect the natural beauty around us and provides the building blocks for greening your life and home.

We are committed to protecting the world we live in so we only ever use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and SKAL (Control Union) certified 100% organic cotton that is environmentally and socially responsible.

We now work with a growing number of organic cotton farmers and suppliers, and we have become passionate advocates for certified organic and fair trade practices.

Why Bhumi supports Fair-trade?

Fair-trade ensures a respect for the social, economic and labour rights of farmers and workers. It encourages sustainable farming practices, protects the environment and improves the quality of health and well being for farmers and workers.

Fair-trade enables the funding of community projects - the building of schools, health clinics, the building of wells for access to clean water, and education and training in business and agriculture. We will always support products using fair–trade practices, verified by in-country auditors.

For more information on Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and Fair-trade, click on the links below.

GOTS - http://www.global-standard.org/

Fair-trade - http://www.fairtrade.net/

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