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Zubin tea is a family business since 1898. Today, run by the fifth generation, Zubin Tea is the pioneer of organic tea in Iran. The family mastered making the greatest tea offered by Persia on the magnificent rich hills of the Alborz mountains, a breeze of moisture from the Caspian sea coast, a region of thousands of years of farming history, comes the most “ Exiguous & Exquisite” aroma and taste. The offered products by Zubin consist of 100% Healthy and Organic black tea, signature blends & herbs, wild pistachios, walnuts, oranges, Seville oranges and wild berries. 

We search for eager and strong distributors around the world. 

Certificazioni ecologiche
Le certificazioni richieste sono state ottenute sul prodotto finito, sulle materie prime o sui processi di produzione.
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Questa azienda ha ottenuto le seguenti certificazioni: BIO INSPECTA, EEU, USDA NOP

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The offered products by Zubin consist of 100% Healthy and Organic black tea, signature blends & herbs,  walnuts, oranges, Seville oranges and wild berries. 

Criteri ecologici



100% Organic First Flush Black Tea (Limited Production)

Only 8% of the total tea production is the first flush in the beginning of every year of harvest in spring. The first flush is the most delicate and richest in flavor, aroma and, color. After 6 months of sleep the plant gives birth to such delicacy and richness of the tealeaf. Zubin Tea has shared this pure and rare kind to its selective and wise consumers. Sustaining quality and fairness of experiencing such magnificent tea.

Warmth for the heart, Aroma for the soul


100% Organic Premium Black Tea

After spring every other 20 days the young buds are gathered for four sessions after the first flush harvest. The flavor and aroma does not reach the fine first flush but yet gives a touch of experience of royalty to its fancy health conscious consumers. The level of L-Theanine in this tea is higher compared to our First Flush, where one can experience a sense of tranquility and stress relief.

The essence of serenity


100% Organic Damask Rose Tea (Limited Production)

This is a signature blend of Zubin, which is collected from the most famous and greatest gardens of Damask Rose in the Med-southern of Iran. The aroma of the rose is unmatchable and when blended with the finest tea is an experience of joy and serenity.

The essence of royalty

Organic Sweet and Sour Tea

Coming soon

100% Natural & Healthy Black Tea

This packaging is a chemical free pest control and no additives have been used in the finished product. However, chemical fertilizers as conventional agriculture have been used. 

Organic Wild Pistachios (Limited Production)

An exotic and truly rare kind of pistachio that has a limited availability in the world. The origin of pistachio in the world as part of the earth’s original ecosystem is only in the north east of Iran in the jungles of Sarakhs. The awakening aroma takes you to the pure ancient nature and the taste is beyond one’s expectation of a perfect fine creamy pistachio.

The essence of pureness

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