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We are a company from Latvia that develops and promotes a range of biologically active organic fertilizers and soil conditioners produced from sapropel and peat using our patented technologies. Cooperating with the engineering company enabled to create a firm union of high technologies in engineering and business, where EHT Engineering completes engineering tasks like mining and production line design, equipment production, supply and installation and BioDeposit Group deals with the intellectual property rights, marketing and sales of the manufactured products.Currently we offer two products for the use in agriculture:

BioDeposit Agro is protected with two patents and has no analogs in the world. By using our patented mining technology the silt with moisture of 90-97% is pumped from the lake bed through the floating pipeline to the closed bunker on the lakeside. Mined sapropel flows from deposits to the production line in closed process (with no air contact) and by ensuring sapropel is not exposed to either heat or chemical treatment, the finished product BioDeposit Agro preserves natural activity of sapropel and its purity. The product significantly surpasses the quality of all known organic fertilizers and, apart from being a great source for producing ecological food, BioDeposit is irreplaceable for degraded or infested soils restoration as well as for the regions with water deficits.
BioDeposit Elixir is a sustainable, water soluble, biologically active material concentrate produced from specially prepared peat with a different degree of humification and combustion and has a revolutionary high humic acid concentration of more than 123 g per litre.

The greatest effect is achieved when Agro is used in conjunction with Elixir, as Agro creates a growing medium for a full-fledged and proper development of plants, and Elixir helps to accelerate metabolism and growth.

If interested send us a contact request to get in touch!

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