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Bottled Up Designs, unique and stunning jewelry handmade in the Pennsylvania Amish Country from antique glass and bottles reclaimed throughout the wooded habitats and rural farmlands in an effort to help the environment and remove this hazard to the wildlife.

Each piece includes "The Story of the Glass" detailing the history and age of the glass used.  A truly unique way to "preserve history, while helping the future!"

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This remarkable line of jewelry is recycled from the broken antique glass found so commonly in the old wooded habitats and farmlands in this part of the U.S.  The glass is taken from these old glass dumps, and pieces are handmade using only organic methods, with no chemicals.  All pieces are carefully designed to use no solder or flux as well.

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Fatto a mano


Cruelty Free


Beautiful jewels made of rich antique ruby glass from was originally a beer bottle from the 1940's made for Schlitz Beer, and a line of ruby dishes made during the depression era known as Royal Ruby

Deep amber glass from reclaimed antique Clorox, whiskey, and countless amber beer bottles.

Beautiful antique pale lemon colored glass, actually known as Amber depression glass.  Made from the many piece of broken vintage dishware I find in these lovely habitats left there so long ago.

These are just a few of our pieces.