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Descrizione Azienda

We are a company from Tomsk (Siberia, Russia). We produce products from wild-growing berries, herbs, nuts.

All the ingredients for our products are taken from ecologically clean areas of Tomsk region that are called Taiga.
We produce some unique products that that no one else makes. For example, Pine-nut Coffee, it is made of whole pine nut.
Currently we have 8 tastes: Classic (without sugar), Tropic (with cane sugar), Hot Chocolate (with cocoa, sugar powder), Antioxidant (with chaga), Vegetarian (with non-dairy cream), Vegan sport (with powdered soy milk), Dietetic (with fructose), Yoga (with spices: (cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, curcuma).
We also have Chaga Tea. Chaga is a fungus that grows on birch. It is mostly famous for its antineoplastic powers.
Now we have 5 tastes of Chaga Tea: Antioxidant (without additives), with Peppermint, with Thymus, with Sagan Dalya, with Black Currant.
Among others, we also have such products as Ivan Tea (Rosebay willow-herb Tea), marmalade with viburnum/chokeberry/rosebay willow-herb/rosebay willow-herb with honey/Siberian pine nut cone, jam with Siberian pine cone/Scots pine cone/Siberian pine nuts, Pine nut candies Classic/with Cherry/with Bilberry/with Cranberry/with Scots pine cone.
And of course we also have Siberian pine nuts, both in shell and kernels, and Pine-nut oil.

Certificazioni ecologiche
Le certificazioni richieste sono state ottenute sul prodotto finito, sulle materie prime o sui processi di produzione.
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Informazioni sulle certificazioni

Natural organic food from Siberia


This beverage combines the true taste and delicate flavor of natural pine nut, soft cream and balanced sweetness. Delicate flavor of Pine-nut Coffee is an excellent alternative of cacao and “3-in-1” coffee.


Production of Pine-nut Coffee includes only natural ingredients, preserving all wholesome pine nuts. This brewed coffee produces natural coffee grounds, so it is recommended to use cafetière as for ground coffee.


Shelf-fungus — unique source of anti-oxidants. Due to its antitumor properties, shelf-fungus has no comparable counterparts. Shelf-fungus includes a wide range of healthy elements which embrace the so-called chromogenic complex, being characteristic of this mushroom.

Shelf-fungus Tea has neutral and taiga-like flavor, even has the taste of traditional beichao black tea.

Promotes treatment and prevention of oncological diseases, gastric ulcer and gastritis. It improves immunity, cardio-vascular system and tonus.



Criteri ecologici



Cruelty Free


Chagatea is a taiga beverage made from the birch shelf fungus. Chagatea is produced using a
technological innovation which makes it possible to keep and give all the benefits of the natural
components of shelf fungus to the maximum.
Birch shelf fungus is a powerful source of vital energy because it contains nutrients. The fungus is
very rich in special phenols, which are known as the chromogenic complex. In combination with
polysaccharides, phytolectins, organic acids, as well as trace elements such as silicon, iron,
magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, etc., this complex normalizes metabolic processes in the
body, has a tonic effect on the central nervous system, and inhibits the development of tumors.
Our assortment includes five types of beverages of different compositions and tastes.
1. “Chagatea with Peppermint” (100g) includes birch shelf fungus (Inonotus Obliquus),
peppermint leaves (Méntha piperíta). Tea has a saturated dark color with light tints of blue.
Peppermint softens the acerbity of shelf fungus and gives freshness to the beverage.
2. “Antioxidant Chagatea” (100g) includes birch shelf fungus (Inonotus Obliquus). The tea
has a pure, distinctive shelf fungus flavor.
3. “Chagatea with Thyme” (100g) includes birch shelf fungus (Inonotus Obliquus), thyme
(Thymus). The tea is distinguished by astringent aroma of shelf fungus and hot-spicy taste
of thyme.
4. “Chagatea with Black Currant” (100g) includes birch shelf fungus (Inonotus Obliquus),
black currant leaves (Ribes nigrum). The rich, very familiar and recognizable aroma of
black currant combined with a bit of sourness harmoniously matches the special taste of
shelf fungus.
5. “Chagatea with Sagan Dalya” (100g) includes birch shelf fungus (Inonotus Obliquus),
Sagan Dalya (Rhododēndron adāmsii). Sagan Dalya goes well with shelf fungus. A special
composition of flavors and aroma of this beverage impress with the individuality. Light
notes of barberry and apple and astringent taste of shelf fungus surprise and refresh at the
same time.



I nuovi prodotti

Siberian pine nut Coffee
SIBERECO company was the first on the market to develop the technology and introduce the
brand, and it also obtained a patent for the original name and receipt of the unique and natural
Siberian pine nut Coffee beverage.
Siberian pine nut Coffee is a natural beverage made from the whole pine nuts. The beverage
combines the delicate taste and aroma of pine nuts and delicate cream. Although the product is
called " Siberian pine nut Coffee ", it does not include coffee, nor chicory or cereals imitating its
Siberian pine nut Coffee owes its name to the invigorating and tonic effect that the drink has on
the body. The mild taste of the beverage will be an excellent alternative for people who care for
their health and refuse caffeine. Siberian pine nut Coffee is not addictive, does not overload the
nervous system and does not increase blood pressure. It can be used by children and women during
pregnancy and lactation.
Our Siberian pine nut Coffee improves the digestive system, cardiovascular and endocrine systems;
normalizes metabolism; increases visual acuity; effects liver function positively; can be
recommended for the avitaminosis prevention.
Currently we have 8 tastes:
1. "Classic" Ingredients: pine nuts, milk powder.
2. "Tropic" Ingredients: pine nuts, coconut oil cream, unrefined cane sugar.
3. "Dietetic" Ingredients: pine nuts, natural milk powder, fructose.
4. "Hot chocolate" Ingredients: pine nuts, milk powder, sugar powder, 100% cocoa.
5. "Vegetarian" Ingredients: pine nut, coconut oil cream.
6. "Antioxidant with chaga" Ingredients: pine nuts, coconut oil cream, chaga.
7. "Spicy Yoga" Ingredients: pine nuts, coconut oil cream, spices (cardamom, turmeric,
cinnamon, ginger, cloves).
8. "Vegan Sport" Ingredients: pine nuts, soy cream.

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