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Ours is a Luxurry Graphic Recycled Salvage Unisex urban streetwear collection of Tees and Sweatshirts. Our collection also includes graphic organic graphic bodies. We are sweatshopfree, organic, organic reycled, we are eco-aware, we are Electric.


We don’t look like your standard Eco aware brand but we are trying to be a bit more conscious about our Environment.


We’re trying to make a fantastic product that comes in at a great price for everyone involved in our business from our suppliers through to our customers. We don’t want to make a product that hurts anyone or causes anyone any harm.


Fabrics – This season we decided to go one better than just using organic fabrics and have managed to source recycled organic cotton. Our suppliers provide full traceability of all fibers, using 100% certified recycled organic cotton blended with recycled polyester. Our suppliers are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard and the Global Recycle Standard. MANUFACTURING

We ensure that our business and our suppliers follow the following principles:

• No use of child labour
• No use of forced labour
• Safe and health working conditions
• Legal labour contracts
• Payment of a living wage
• Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining • No discrimination against employees
• No excessive hours of work

Our manufacturing facilities are regularly audited for social compliance in accordance with standards set out by the International Labour Organisation, the Ethical Trading Initiative and other international bodies.


Certificazioni ecologiche
Le certificazioni richieste sono state ottenute sul prodotto finito, sulle materie prime o sui processi di produzione.
Ricordiamo che è importante sempre conoscere le possibilità di utilizzo del marchio o del nome della certificazione menzionata.

Questa azienda ha ottenuto le seguenti certificazioni: Eco Tex

Informazioni sulle certificazioni

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Electric Tees and The Environment

We’re totally new to this fast fashion business and it seems like an industry that is moving a zillion miles an hour and barely has any time to sit still.
Before we stepped into this whirlwind nearly 6 months ago we talked to our customers, looked at our peer group and were amazed by what we found:

1. The majority of our customers don’t buy organic product because it is just not offered to them in on-trend styles.
2. The majority of “ECO Aware” fashion - be that organic denim / fairtrade fashion etc - is aimed at the adult market, so where does that leave our fun loving younger women who want to be friendly to Momma Earth but still rock the latest trends? We encourage ethical buying from a young age.
3. Even the store buyers we spoke to said they could not buy organic brands as they were too expensive for their younger customers.

‘No!’ We thought - ‘That puts a nail in our plans’ - Then ‘Sod it!’ We shouted. ‘Let’s do it anyway. Even if we have to produce a product that’s a lot more expensive than our competitors, that buyers won’t stock because of the price levels. We can do it ourselves!’ And we have.

Corporate Social Responsibility.
We are trying to make a fantastic product which comes in at a great price for everyone involved in our business from our suppliers through to our customers. We don’t want to make a product that hurts anyone or causes anyone any harm. We also ship our goods in biodegradeable bags.

Fabrics – We only use organic cotton in our products purchased from Fountain Set, an ECO-TEX certified company (see info at http://www.fshl.com/html_eng/qc.html). A large producer who seem to be investing heavily in this area as they know that more and more of their customers are asking for organic and fairtrade products.

Manufacturing - We use a factory in Hong Kong, China to make our products. It guarantees their employees have fair wages and good working conditions and that they are not using child labour. They also comply with the many international inspection and advice schemes.

What have we missed?
Having an underlying feeling of goodness is what we’re about. We’re just starting out on our Electric journey. If there is anything we’ve missed out please let us know.

Criteri ecologici





Ours is a Lux Urban Streetwear Unisex Recycled Organic Graphic tees and sweatshirt  brand that's a mashup of read between the lines and think outside the box!  Our tops feature eyebrow raising naughty, cheeky, tongue in cheek graphics that are guaranteed to cause a buzz!!! We also included due too popular demand a reprint of our Organic Graphic Bolt Bodies this season.

This season we’ve found the line between art and porn and crossed it? For decades pornography has objectified women, reducing the role women into just object to satisfy men’s sexual cravings!  The Internet has opened up pornography to women and men. The footing seems more equal and we wanted to have a bit of fun with that.  One of the graphics we’ve created should probably have a Parental Advisory warning on it and the rest well lets just say they are sparky!!!

Specific graphic inspirations this season:

#FREETHENIPPLE is a call to action for women to go topless in public and why not! Topfreedom is a feminist movement has become a celebrity charged activism drive of the season. Our goal is straightforward advocacy something we would accomplished, by you wearing our electric tee! Now that’s electric!!! Lewdness is a matter of perspective...

NEON WORDS:  pr0n and n0rp were associated with the mid 1990’s leet speak. Designed to hide from internet censorship and filtering and eventually placed on a blacklist which were #NSFW. Subcultures developed their own leet speak and it was this leet speak which defined them and made them unique.

#LGBT Kissing girls and Legs are in support of the lesbian,gay,bisexual and transgender community. We are a transfriendly brand and support all things gender neutral!

MUNSTERS Is a comic commentary to Shoreditch culture. Beatnik banana Munster is a representation of the hipster gentrification in Shoreditch but similary in East Berlin and New York.  Mary Jayne pineapple Munster is a clubbing and festival crazed Shoreditcharian! THOT munster is a TURN IT UP! Munster, overindulgent and 100 percent alive in the Shoreditch party scene. 

I nuovi prodotti

Our collection of Organic Graphic Bodies are visual graphics bright,bold and super electric!  Electric Tees, a label that generates a vital buzz of something fresh and eco chic. Our collection of unique visual graphics is reproduced bodies designed to fit, flatter and to produce pieces that are unique in the market.

Electric Girl - If she were an island she'd be Ibiza, a drink she'd be a shot, an emotion she'd be fun. She's the girl in the sexy tee in the centre of a whirlwind of fun, she gets the look from the boy s and girls alike. They all love her; She's utterly ELECTRIC.

Over Branding - Just as our customers stand out from the crowd, our brand does also. With a printed Electric asymmetric stripe on the back of our tees our girls look just as hot from behind as they do from the front. We hate to see them leave but we love to watch them go.

The Environment - We don't look like your standard Eco aware brand but we are trying to be a bit more conscious about our Environment. We only use organic cotton and manufacture in ECO-TEX certified factories in Hong Kong, China which have signed up to a recognised ethical working practices charter. Also, our goods are shipped in biodegradeable bags

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