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Our company is a women-owned, USDA certified organic company based in Cedar Springs, MI. We are dedicated to manufacturing luxury organic personal care that is safe and effective, yet affordable.

Our product formulator and CEO, Nancy Metzger, utilizes her training as an esthetician and her extensive knowledge of herbs to produce high quality products that even those with very sensitive skin can use. We strive to produce products that have a minimal effect on the planet, yet provide maximum results for our customers. We do not test any products on animals.

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Questa azienda ha ottenuto le seguenti certificazioni: Green America, USDA NOP

Informazioni sulle certificazioni

USDA NOP Certified Organic

Green America Gold Business

Champion --Safe Cosmetics

USDA Biopreferred

All ingredients are bio-based. All products, with the exception of clay options, are USDA Certified Organic, as is our facility. All packaging is recycled or recyclable and all labels are PLA. The company recycles within its facilities and purchases green energy. No products are ever tested on animals. No synthetic ingredients are ever used. In addition, the company donates regularly to social justice and environmnetal NGOs.

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Cruelty Free


Here’s to skin’s long-term health! Each Brittanie’s Thyme product is carefully crafted to work with the body’s natural chemistry, promoting healthy skin from the outside in. Our ingredients encourage skin’s long-term health, instead of seeking to suppress problems with chemicals. Our products are rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. They are effective even for the most sensitive, troubled skin. The recipes used in our moisturizers, cleansers and serum are so pure, they actually feed skin, promoting healthy cell regeneration, clear complexions and soft, supple textures. Among other organic ingredients, we use: · Aloe vera juice · Jojoba oil · Safflower and sunflower oil · Hemp oil · Witch hazel · Rice bran and rice bran oil. Each product contains at least 95 percent organic ingredients, excepting those few made with clay. Well-preserved with wellness in mind It’s a myth that organic body care products necessarily have short shelf lives. Each Brittanie’s Thyme product has a shelf life of at least 12 months, thanks to natural preservatives including, tocopherols, rosemary extract and glycerin. These natural preservatives serve a dual purpose: nourishing the body’s largest organ while protecting our products.

I nuovi prodotti

Brittanie's Thyme also produces a unique line of cold and sinus products. The Organic Sinus Relief Pillow is a small sachet of herbs and essential oils that is placed inside the pillow case at night while the user sleeps. It helps to alleviate sinus congestion and pressure. The Organic Cold Comfort Crystals are sea salts infused with essential oils that are placed next to a cold sufferer. The aroma helps with chest congestion and coughs.

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Hong Kong (Cina), Giappone, Corea del Sud, Stati Uniti

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Argentina, Australia, Bahrein, Brasile, Canada, Cile, Costa Rica, Danimarca, Groenlandia, Hong Kong (Cina), Indonesia, Italia, Giordania, Kuwait, Libano, Messico, Paesi Bassi, Nuova Zelanda, Norvegia, Panama, Perù, Filippine, Portorico, Federazione Russa, Arabia Saudita, Corea del Sud, Svezia, Taiwan, Emirati Arabi Uniti, Vietnam