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Blooming Officinali is a young women company that has his roots in a wonderful island : Sardinia.

From the deep love and respect for this Mediterranean paradise and his nature gifts , we decided to create an exclusive and precious cosmetic line dedicated to all sophisticated women all over the world.

This is a luxurious line of products in which every single step for creating a cream for face or body is a concentrate of Mediterranean Scent.

The production is made in a unique and extraordinary place situated in Sardinia , called “ Moon Hills” .

Here we grow traditional medicinal plants intended for the production of refined organic essential oils.

Lavender, Myrtle , two different kind of rosemary, sage, lemon balm, oregano, thyme, calendula mint , helichrysum oil , isoppo and mint.

The most important point of the growing of these aromatic medicinal plants is the process.

It is all HANDMADE, the growing is 100% organic and certified by SIDEL (  an authorized institution that checks and controls the procedure every single step of the organic production ; that means a farming that respects environment and that doesn’t use chemical additives. )


Blooming entire line is formulated exclusively with natural , organic and certified ingredients. We use only the “ good” components, only the precious parts of the plant in order to have the most pure extracts to be used for our line.

These are the parts that Mather Nature gives to us.


The balanced fragrance of each essence is the result of a professional research of a natural harmony, every extract is the most hidden part of the plant, only in that secret part we find the best, we work it and transform it in order to return all this natural perfection to our customer.


Our products are able to answer to the demands of every type of nose and skin, The formulations obtained by these raw materials grant a range of products of a very high standard quality for every kind of skin.

Furthermore Blooming products are 100% plant extracts, no oil derived,  no parabens, certified formula, no tested on animals. 

Certificazioni ecologiche
Le certificazioni richieste sono state ottenute sul prodotto finito, sulle materie prime o sui processi di produzione.
Ricordiamo che è importante sempre conoscere le possibilità di utilizzo del marchio o del nome della certificazione menzionata.

Questa azienda ha ottenuto le seguenti certificazioni: SIDELITALIA

Informazioni sulle certificazioni

we harvest and transform respecting the nature. we do not use any kind of pesticides. We do our best to follow the  natural process of the herbs and flowers. the result are extraordinary  fragrances. The production  is made on a  magic island , in the centre of the mediterranean  sea. We work with a local certified institution who helps us  to respect both  the growing of the aromatic plans  and the process. 

Most of the process is made by hand . As the herbs blooms  we cut and use them . Some are used fresh  as to create the essential oils. Others must be dried and then depending on the kind of herb , we decide how to proceed in order to extract the most hidden part of the plant. now we are producing some new products for the home fragrances .all process are made without any chemical adds.We extract using  steam and we dry  only with the wind.  Fine and very elegant candles made with lavander  ,thyme, mint and sage.  

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