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A gerran Shell company Commercial Register e.K

businessline:dental care
Chitodent® toothpaste 100 ml is a dental care, homoeopathy-compatible natural cosmetic. The active ingredient is chitosan. The formula is certified as "Certified Natural Cosmetics.

I am looking for a company who intend to add Oral Care products to their natural cosmetics line. They might have a stake in - and would like to widen their product range with a natural toothpaste with Chitosan.Their aim is to provide their customers with natural and eco friendly oral care products products while adding value to the people's life quality.

which are interested in Chitosan products
which are best placed to supply
which are best placed to buy  the  CHITODENT®  toothpastes formulas( To discuss will be purchuse price including formula and production process ted in co branding dental care products produced by Helmuth Focken Biotechnik.

My company is operating since 2005 in Germany with Chitodent


Certificazioni ecologiche
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Questa azienda ha ottenuto le seguenti certificazioni: BDIH

Informazioni sulle certificazioni

BDIH  Chitodent was the first toothpaste of natural material out of the sea.Chitodent® is a toothpaste containing chitin and chitosan as natural material out of the sea being produced by the shells of the crustaceans.

Chitosan is a valuable natural material which can be used in a big variety within the food and cosmetics area with its different effects described in detail in literature and proved in many experiments.

۰    Chitosan absorbs dangerous oral germs

۰    Chitosan encourages wound healing

۰    Chitosan specifically absorbs heavy metals

۰    Chitosan builds up films on smooth surfaces

The recipe for this toothpaste arose in the frame of a cooperation project with the Institut für Umwelttechnik (Institute for Environmental Technique) EUTEC with the FHOUW (University of Applied Science) in Emden


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