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Walnut Oil, Soaps, Natural Beauty Products

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Sector: Products -> Organic Beauty
Raw materials -> For Beauty Industry
Country: Italy
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Country: Italy


Hi everyone, we are a Laboratory which produce its own products and third parties products.

We produce an excellent walnut oil, natural soaps and beauty products.

The laboratory is authorized by the Ministry of Health.

It is registered in the CPNP ( Cosmetic Products Notification Portal) established and managed by the European Commission, for the notification of the products for sale.

Every formulation has a Product Information File ( PIF) with all the information about  raw  materials,  manufacturing  processes,  and  a  Cosmetic  Product  Safety Report obtained through skin test ( Patch test) and self-preservation test ( Challenge test), for health and consumer protection.

( Directive 76/768/CE - L. 713/86 and subsequent amendments)


Biocosmetic certification "Suolo e Salute"

Guarantees pollutants free formulations.

Biological and plant products, low  environmental impact production, ecological and recyclable final packaging.

We would like to find new stores, distributors, online shops to expand our commercial area.

To get in touch with us and know more please send us a Contact Request or call us. We'll be glad to provide you with all information you need. Thank you.