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Company Description

D&D Consulting ITALY solutions range from consultancy to obtain raw matherial for cosmetics with organic certification .  We offer , to entering in "green economy" the marketing of carbon credits (carbon offset) to neutralise your emissions under the BNeutral (carbon offset) rule and COMPLETELY generated in Italy. We want that our technical assistance becomes a special event for you.

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Green certifications
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This company has acquired the following certifications: BIOS S.R.L., ECOCERT

Certifications Information

We sell blue credit carbon valid for the carbon offset marketing .

We sell innovative and natural  raw material for cosmetics  produced in Oceania

Sustainable details




D&D scientists are discovering that the restoration of the Venetian vulnerable ecosystems could provide a valuable bulwark to climate change by creating a potent carbon sinks. A 1.2 million Carbon Credit obtained in Venetian wetlands are launched by the D&D Consulting s.a.s. International research this summer , according to the BIOS B Neutral program . 

Last update products

We commercialize 100% vegetables oil certified ECOCERT for skin care (Tamanu oil) or general perfum (monoi) with origin Tahiti (French Polynesia). Maximum quality, these products are done without use of chemical products. These oils are home made produced in French Polynesia atolls according to the local tradition and directly selected by our biologists. Send a request and we furnish a product catalog

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Italy, French Polynesia

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French Polynesia, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland