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We are wholesale stockists of all kinds of Organic fabrics and made ups.
We do all kinds of Organic cottons, Organic Linen,Organic Wool and Organic Silk fabrics. and made ups. We also do Eco blends and work with recycled polyestor. Our MOQs are just 50 mts per color/fabric for wholesale pricing. We work with a wide rooster of clients from 18 countries ranging from start ups to national brands.

Provide all backend support through Online paypal payments, eco packing, courier delivery, warehousing, small moq CST, labeling etc

We also stock Pre-made organic linen,Silk lounge wear,bedding, tshirts, scarves and Towels for small purchases.

Please send us a Contact Request if you want to get in touch. Thank you.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: Certified Recycled, CONTROL UNION CERTIFICATIONS B.V., Eco Tex, ECOCERT INDIA, IMO Control Gmbh, India Organic, OneCert

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This company also sells RECYCLED PRODUCTS.


As we are organic fabric stockist we offer one of the widest range of organic fabrics for purchase and also to choose for made ups. We have a zero waste sampling studio and also production line where we make all kinds of clothing,bedding,accessories and also have a seperate upcycling division where we make products out of left over fabrics,offcuts etc

We work as partners and support our clients through all processes and backend.

Geographical Area
Countries of interest

Australia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Iceland, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States


BioFach (Germany), JNPT (India), New York Now (United States), Organic & Natural Beauty London 2015 (United Kingdom)