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EcoGeco: jeans for woman and for man, ecological and 100% Made in Italy

Organic cotton fabric and natural indigo dyeing, for a new idea of natural and eco-friendly clothing.

Natural: this jeans is made of organic cotton and dyed with natural indigo.

Ecologic: denim washing without chemical products.

Italian: 100% italian design and manufacture.

Beautiful: perfect in every details and suitable for every occasion.

Jeans environment-friendly

Please contact us if interested. We'll be pleased to give you all the information you'll require. Thank you.

About us

We have always had environmental issues at heart and we have actively promoted them. The idea of Ecogeco came in 2010, from the belief that the clothes we wear should be manufactured with the same respect for labour rights and environment that we already demand from food. Operating in the textile industry, we were well aware of the sector crisis, and unfortunately, we had seen the migration from the north-east of Italy to the Far East: relocation of manufacturing workshops, import of the finished product, collapse of employment and consequently of purchasing power, reduction in production costs but never in the sales prices, loss of prestige of Made in Italy brands; all of this ending with the invasion of low quality products.Our idea was to adopt an ethical production chain to create affordable, high quality, eco-friendly jeans.This is how Ecogeco was born.In 2013. Claudia Lubrano, co-founder of Ecogeco, was chosen, along with other nine women, as a protagonist of the event “ItaliaX10”, women’s enterprise, the 10 talent that are changing the way of business.

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Weight and composition: 11,5 oz organic denim, 98% organic cotton 2% elastan. Dying only with pure natural indigo. Recycled trademark label - GOTS on fabric: CU807530

100% italian - 100% veg - natural - eco friendly

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Cruelty Free


“The natural cotton gives a pleasant softness and the natural indigo dyeing make a sheen that only the nature can give”.

The jeans is accurate in every detail and is manufactured from the best Italian laboratories in the ancient district of production of denim.

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Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland