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Our company exports organic and fair trade fresh and dried tropical exotic fruits from Uganda East Africa for the last 15 years. Our exports goes to the USA, Switzerland, Germany, Austria. We would like to expand to other markets, like France, the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, etc.
Our product range include Fresh cayenne and queen victoria pineapples, Passion fruits, Apple bananas, jack fruits, avocadoes, mango, papaya certified organic by IMO to EU, Naturland, Biossuise, and Naturland standards and Naturland fair for the fair trade.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: Bio-Suisse, Fair for Life, IMO Control Gmbh, USDA Organic

Certifications Information

Our Products are organic and fair trade certified by IMO frpm Switzerland

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Fair Trade



The best fresh, refreshing and sweet pineapple, papaya, passion fruits, mangoes, Jackfruits, Apple bananas etc  with the very natural and original smell and taste that natural soils can give to eat are from BioUganda, They are harvested Coloured "Ripe and Ready to Eat" without use of chemicals to stumulate flowering or degreening them.Pineapple  Sizes vary from as small as 1 kg to 4 kg pieces for Cayenne pineapples and 500grams to 1.5 kgs for Queen Victoria pineapples. Our fruits are very delicious!!!


Geographical Area
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Germany, Switzerland, United States

Countries of interest

Denmark, East Germany, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland