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Our company was founded in Florence, Italy in 1997 and is the longest standing organic and natural clothing company in Italy and today a true leader in innovation and the "Made in Italy" sector of the fashion industry. The founder of the company Giuditta Blandini, a passionate professional at a young age to the organic and natural movement, has taken the keys through scientific lectures, production, and public relations. Stile Biologico is a fashion brand based on traditional artisanal, handcraft production, specializing in knitwear, as well as focusing attention on social responsibility. Our goal is to offer high quality garments that are also produced in a sustainable way. We take responsibility for the production, marketing, and end-use meanwhile protecting the environment, the health of the consumer, and the agricultural work and craftmanship required. 

Stile Biologico is a brand of Made in Italy particularly appreciated not only by Italians but also by foreigners so we are open to collaborative forms in Italy and abroad.

Today Debora continues this tradition by drawing the new collections and taking care of their realization


Green certifications
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This company has acquired the following certifications: Certificazione EU Agricoltura Biologica

Certifications Information

We operate a green economy that increases the well-being of individuals, the assurance of equity and social inclusion, reducing ecological risks. To do all this we are guided by corporate social responsibility where the environmental conditions and the needs of the stakeholders are prioritized, and to direct the same productivity of our own company to ensure long-term prosperity as a source of growth and innnovation in the future. 

To comply with this paradigm:

Raw materials 

- we choose yarns made in Italy: minor transportation consumption 
- we choose manufacturers that provide proven capability: supports italian manufacturing capabilities, high quality of raw materials 

- we buy only organic and natural yarns certified from quality control organizations: spreads the organic farming method, supports the income of farmers in the southern hemisphere, protects the environment, and reduces environmental pollution. 
- we use only natural dyes-vegetable dyes or dyes certified by the GOTS standards: the dyeing process is one of the most dangerous processes for workers, the dyes we use are non-toxic. hypoallergenic, and environmentally friendly. 
Production process

- we design: we give the client an exclusive, unique product, and we love doing it! 

- we use artisan workshops located within our area: supports the ancient knowledge of the arts and crafts sector, km 0 = minimal transportation consumption, accurate quality control of the product 
- we follow every stage of the production process: gaurantees the quality of the product 

The Finished product 

- lasts a long time: we are for an informed purchase and not disposables 
- replacements and adjustments offered for any possible defects: consumer protection 
- the packaging, bags, and boxes are made of recycled materials: we support the use of "second-hand" raw materials obtained from waste. 

Sustainable details







Our product range includes accurate lines of man, woman, child and creation of custom clothes. We pack wedding handcrafted dresses of great value . We use exclusive yarns of organic wool, alpaca, organic linen, ramie, organic cotton, bamboo, hemp and silk. This means for us to carefully select the raw material verifying the origin and treatment.Similarly we guarantee the quality of the colors, hypoallergenic and non-toxic. In this way, our clothes, as well as having a low environmental impact, play a very good action on preventing skin allergies and dermatitis, avoid skin absorption of harmful substances.

Last update products

We produce beautiful wedding dresses and groom handcrafted quality.  We realize also biological favors, unique and innovative.

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