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By choosing our company you get the best products directly from the traditional olive oil producers in the Peloponnese, Greece. Few people know that Greece produces almost as much olive oil and more table olives than Italy. With us, you have direct access to top quality Greek olive oil and olives without any detours - directly from the company which pioneered organic growing methods for the olive tree in Greece 30 years ago!

Exquisite Taste - Plenty of sun, a little rain, a stone-and mineral-rich soil in proximity to the sea - these are the natural conditions for the unique taste of our award winning olive products. In order to save our precious olive in plucking, harvesting in the Mani is primarily made by hand. Indeed, domestic in Mani Koroneiki and Kalamata Olive varieties are our ancient olive treasures. In traditional manufacturing, we focus on quality rather than quantity. The mild and fruity taste and the numerous awards for our products confirm our passion for the precious fruits of this land.

Organic & Sustainable -  With your support, our ecological project can expand and slowly replace the chemical-supported agriculture in an area that is otherwise untouched by industry. In this way the ancient man-made landscape will be preserved - in a sustainable and also in a social sense.

Fair Trade - All our products are produced in the spirit of Fair Trade in close cooperation with our organic farmers to whom we are not only tied by bonds of many years of personal friendship but whom we also actively support on all levels and fields of our common work.

Made with Love - It is certainly true that a food - in the end the carrier of life energy - supplies us with more positive benefits when it is produced with joy by happy people.

Healthy! - Olive Oil is the only oil for which 3 health properties have been officially recognized by the European Food Safety Authority

- It’s rich in vitamin E (about 24mg/100ml) and therefore protects cells from oxidative damage (causing all kinds of inflammation and degenerative processes, from simple aging to serious conditions like cancer and atherosclerosis). 

- It’s mainly mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Replacing saturated fatty acids with unsaturated fatty acids helps maintain normal LDL cholesterol levels in blood.

- It’s the only oil presenting high levels of polyphenols: these are natural anti-oxidant substances, protecting cells from the attacks of free radicals and inflammatory agents.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: BIO HELLAS, Bio-Suisse, HACCP, IFS, ISO 22000, ISO 9001: 2000, Organic and fair trade certificate

Certifications Information

Organic Food Pioneer: 30 Years of Sustainability and Cooperation. Respect for Man and Nature as Basis of Economic Action.

Creating Future in Unison with the Farmers and their Families

30 years ago Fritz and Burgi Bläuel started cooperating closely with the  farmers in the Mani, Peloponnese, to introduce organic farming into the region. Until today they have helped more than 300 families to convert to organic cultivation.

Organic, Social and Fair

In 2014 our olive oil and olive product range have received the Naturland Fair certification and is labelled accordingly. The step from the EU organic to the organic and Fair certification by Naturland is a natural development for the organic pioneer in Greece. Respect for man and nature has been the basis of all economic action of our family. For over 30 years the business has followed environmental and social responsibility principles.

By certifying their product range Fair the company emphasizes this commitment. The Naturland Fair Logo represents a system of sustainable production and trade methods that rests on three fundamental pillars: organic, social and fairMan and Nature Take Centre Stage.

Social responsibility, close cooperation with the farmers and the creation ot family-friendly working places were the logical outcomes for one of the biggest employers in the region. All olive farmers receive reasonable prices well above the world market prices. This in turn provides the incentive for young people not to leave the region’s villages and revive the traditional cultural landscape instead. By promoting biodiversity in the olive groves, by producing their organic food products and by relying on green electricity from their own solar power system the family and the enterprise concretely demonstrate their environmental commitment 

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Fair Trade



Ours is the organic brand featuring a fine selection of Greek olive products and mezes (Greek appetizers). Comprising three olive oils, 12 different olive products and six mezes, our product range is one of the widest organic food lines in the sector..All products can be used in various ways: for cooking, to add taste to sauces and salads or as appetizers. Mani Bläuel products come in excellent raw food quality and thus are a delicious choice for people who prefer a raw food diet, as well as for vegetarians.

Sun-dried Tomato Paste - This exquisite, mildly spicy paste is made from Greek traditionally sun-dried tomatoes combined with fruity extra virgin olive oil and seasoned with a little basil and a drop of Kalamata balsamic vinegar. This aromatic spread is perfect as an appetizer on toasted bread, to refine sauces, and tastes fabulous with Feta cheese.

Olive oil - the classic - The Mani Bläuel olive oils have many similarities, yet each has its own character. All oils are obtained exclusively from Koroneiki variety olives. The Bläuel family selects only the best olive oils from small, family farms that cultivate their groves traditionally. The olives are harvested by hand and processed with extreme care.

Greek Olive Oil, extra virgin - This organic superior category olive oil is obtained directly from Koroneiki olives and cold extracted through the exclusive use of mechanical means. Fresh, mild fruity aroma of almond, artichoke and wild herbs. Mani Bläuel Greek olive oil has won several awards at the Great Taste Awards and other competitions.

Kalamata D.O.C. Olive oil, extra virgin - The olives for this special oil from the region of Kalamata (Protected Designation of Origin) are gently harvested and cold milled through the exclusive use of mechanical means. Fresh, mild fruity aroma of herbs and wild flowers with slightly spicy aftertaste. Among the best 250 world’s olive oils selected in german gourmet magazine Feinschmecker!

Olives – al naturale

Green olives al naturale - These fine, green Amfissa table olives are carefully harvested, marinated in extra virgin olive oil and oregano and vacuum packed - for pure taste in raw food quality. The firm flesh impresses with its wonderful spicy flavor.

Kalamata Olives al naturale - Easy to recognize: Kalamata olives are brownish - purple. The flesh is juicy and mild. Mani Bläuel Kalamata olives are carefully hand picked, marinated in extra virgin olive oil and oregano and vacuum packed - for pure taste in raw food quality. Mani Bläuel Organic Kalamata olives al naturale have been awarded at the Great Taste Awards with gold!!

Green & Kalamata olives al naturale pitted - This is a mix of spicy Amfissa and mild, juicy Kalamata table olives marinated in extra virgin olive oil and oregano and vacuum-packed - the pure taste of the noble olive in raw food quality!

Olive - specialities

Kalamata olives in brine - Easy to recognize: Kalamata olives are brownish - purple. These juicy organic olives are characterized by their mild, fruity taste. Prepared in the traditional Kalamata manner, and placed in fresh sea salt brine. Available also pitted. The Mani Bläuel Organic Kalamata olives in brine were judged "very good" by the magazine Öko-Test!

Green olives in olive oil - These fine, green Amfissa table olives are carefully harvested, preserved in extra virgin olive oil with lemon and oregano. The firm flesh impresses with its wonderful spicy flavor. A pinch of oregano and a juicy lemon slice complete this product perfectly.

Green & Kalamata olives in olive oil - A mix of juicy, mild Kalamata Olives and spicy Amfissa table olives, seasoned with oregano and a lemon slice and preserved in extra virgin olive oil - the pure taste of the noble olive in raw food quality!

Sun and Rock sea salt - The Mani sea salt is similar to the French "Fleur de Sel", but it does not come from artificial salt marshes, it is harvested by hand from the Mani rocks by the sea. It is unrefined and unprocessed, so that it retains all its natural nutrients (magnesium, potassium, minerals). After the harvest, it is dried for several days in the sun and directly packed.


Sun Dried Tomatoes in Olive Oil - The aromatic, sun- dried tomatoes are cut into halves, marinated in extra virgin olive oil and completed with basil. The Mani Bläuel dried tomatoes bring the fresh taste of summer and sun directly into the kitchen. Wonderfully aromatic, juicy and mildly spicy. Perfect as an appetizer, in salads, chopped into pasta sauces or in scrambled eggs.

Kalamata olive paste - Mild fruity paste made from fine Kalamata olives. For the olive paste only organic olives, selected herbs and Mani Bläuel organic olive oil are used. The famous Kalamata Olive is characterized by its mild, juicy flavor. So is the Kalamata olive paste, a typical Greek appetizer, very aromatic and tasty.

Garlic in olive oil - Mild garlic in extra virgin olive oil spiced with fine herbs. Refine any sauce and salad, roasted or baked potatoes with our garlic, that melts in the mouth.

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