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Our mission was to create safe, natural, innovative intimacy products which were side-effect free.

Mission successful, award-winning we now provide a growing range of scientifically advanced, certified organic, lubricants, moisturisers and intimacy products.

Based on purity of ingredients, complete supply chain integrity, and manufacturing controls, ours are the world’s only product range in this category that is certified organic by the Soil Association.
Pioneering the use of organic plant ingredients for intimate use, our lubricants are deceptively discreet in presentation yet based on complex science. Designed to work in harmony with the body they provide essential lubrication and moisturisation to meet a variety of usage needs – from pleasure enhancement through additional lubrication, to essential moisturisation in managing the discomfort of vaginal dryness, which may arise as a result of hormonal change, medical conditions and the side effects of medical treatments. Formulated to be gentle and side-effect free, making them well-tolerated and suitable for a wide range of sensitive conditions.

Our brand represents an innovative departure from traditional lubricant formulations, using pure plant gums to replace the usual glycerine or silicone ingredient base, and avoiding all concerning chemical ingredients (no smell*, no taste and no mess). 
*except Vanilla variant

Our products contain are free from parabens, petrochemicals, skin irritants, glycerine, silicone oils, arginine and hormones. 

Soil Association certified organic, Vegetarian Society approved, Ethical Company Award 

Our products are widely recommended by Doctors, Menopause experts, Gynaecologists and Sexual Therapists. 

Our oil-based lubricant has a rich velvety texture, chemical and preservative-free, providing the perfect natural alternative to silicon based variants. Our oil-based lubricants have been created with the finest quality organic plant oils and butters, providing lasting glide and sensuous feel.

Our products represents the purest possible solution for all who want to treat their bodies with respect. No compromises – ethical or chemical.

Please send us a contact request if you want to get in touch.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: CE - Conformité Européenne, CE mark, Ethical Junction, Soil Association (UK), Vegetarian Society Approved