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The farm was established as such in 60 years by a plot of 15 donated by my grandfather to my father who loves his Earth continues the family tradition, tradition that I also rest.

Over the years the company has grown today in fact extends to 70 ha, everyone in the same area-the Piana di Catania-highly suitable for the production of citrus fruits and the production of oil. The special exhibition and the particular climatic conditions allow the company to produce high-quality products, the attention towards the healthiness of the environment and preservation of that led us to use as a method of organic farming that fully reflects the love of the countryside.
The company is certified by Bioagricert  since 1982 when we started to commercialize our products under the brand "ARCOBIO" both in Italy and abroad. Of course, even if some times discourage, we are always on the move so from 2011 we started a radical renovation of the citrus groves (about 52 hectares) removed everything and now almost everything in 2012 we reimplanted devoted about 4 hathe cultivation of apricots, nectarines and peaches patchbox and dramatically changed the olive groves, irrigation and also in 2012 we realized a large photovoltaic system in such a way as to make the province the company.

As regards the olive grove the choice of variety is facing a highly characteristic of cultivar "Nocellare Etnea" for 80% and 20% is of Moresca"required" for pollination. The cultivar Nocellare Etnea produces a very fine olive as a table olive, extremely fragrantand crisp and for this reason very much in demand, and for the production of oil.Harvesting by hand and normally anticipated in mid-October, can produce an oil with low acidity and exalt its sensory characteristics, normally has hints of Thistle and tomato puree and almond, sometimes thanks its great balance between bitter and spicy it can be used on both raw and cooked vegetables, not too fatty meat on legumes and also on the fish.To get a high quality oil in addition to the collection by hand you pay much attention to the process of extraction, it is in fact the juice within 12/24 hours of harvesting with a continuous cycle where you can keep tabs on the temperature. Storage is done in steel silos and after about 2 months of grinding is racked into smaller containers, on the order of 100 liters, so that when you use should be bottled around the stem, thus preserving the rest from the oxidation process that may damage the product. Even the choice of packagin has been given in order to allow the user to find the bottle always the same product for which the bottles used are dark and glass are just from 0.25 l and 0.50 l or 5 l tank.

The company does not stop so this year we decided to produce aromatic oils that use of natural aromas extracted from existing plants in our area of Sicily that were produced the following aromatic oils:

-Condiment made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural aroma of lemon and Marjoram

-Condiment made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural aroma of Juniper and lemon

-Condiment made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural aroma of sweet oranges and bitter oranges

-Condiment made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural aroma of Mandarin and Rosemary

-Condiment made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and natural aroma of oregano

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