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The long tradition of Masserie Canino started by great-grandparents, olive producers by vocation since the beginning of 1900.

Continued by Rosario Canino is now in its third generation with Luigi, administrator of the family, and brothers.

The extra virgin organic olive and certificate of Masserie Canino is a specialty food obtained by the best fruits of a fertile land, still untouched and constantly sunlit: Calabria.

"Due Mari" and "Jolio" are oil, passion and culture, of a family that wants to share a lifestyle based on quality and accountability, through a good, healthy and fair product.

Over the decades, the mill of Masserie Canino, handed down the culture and technology of a production process and a family tradition, based on the attention and care for the territory and the plant from the early stages of collection, to guarantee the quality and authenticity of the final product.

The olive harvest is done through the use of modern machinery and directly from the tree, to preserve the organoleptic properties of the raw material.

The extraction takes place within twenty-four hours from the collection at the mill, through a continuous cycle system where the temperature of the olive paste is kept below 27 ° C ("cold extraction").

Once you have one, the oil of Masserie Canino is properly stored in stainless steel containers with conical bottom, filled and sealed.

The entire production process takes place within the company, from the cultivation of olives to bottling the product, and guarantees the consumer an high quality 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Moreover, thanks to the traceability guaranteed by Unasco System, each stage of the production process (collection, processing and packaging) can be followed on the site www.olitaliano.it by entering the code found on the label; the packaging lot allows to obtain information about, among others, period and place of collection of the olives from which the oil contained in the bottle you are going to serve was obtained.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: Suolo e Salute

Certifications Information

Masserie Canino pays particular attention to the care of plants and land in order to obtain a product of excellent quality, not only for taste and organoleptic qualities, but also for the added value that this entails. Certification of Organic Product by "Suolo & Salute" involves certain that no chemicals are used in the cultivation and therefore any component of nature is not damaged in any way.

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The available formats for our Extra Virgin Olive Oil are:
-  500 ml Dark glass bottle

- 750 ml Dark glass bottle

- 5 lt Tin 

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- 0,75 lt handled dark glass bottle

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