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Aromatherapy, the mainstream of replacement therapy, has existed for over a hundred years in many western countries. Chinese medicine, compared to aromatherapy, has a thousand years history in leading us to a healthier life.

Our Company established in July of 2002 and stationed in Yang-Ming Incubation Center in Dec. of 2002. Our R&D group has medical background and developed the unique and innovation aromatherapy with patent Chinese Herb Medicine (CHM).

We are looking for the reliable distributors and private label partners, who are interested in Chinese Herb Medicine Essential Oil and extend the worldwide market with us. Please contact us through Connature Contact Form, Thanks.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: DEUTSCHES PATENT-UND MARKENAMT, UNITED STATES PATENT


Spirit Qi (TCM) Chinese Herb Medicine Essential Oil

The properties are based on the theory of the Five Elements:

* Wood – Release: Relieve Qi stagnation, alleviate heat

* Fire      - Calm     : Calm emotions, relieve stress

* Earth   - Soothe : Maintain graceful figure, assist digestion

* Metal  - Open    : Refresh & stop unwell breath

* Water- Stimulate for male: Boost energy, enhance physical strength

            - Regulate for female: Bring vigor, expel cold

* Vitalize            : Promote Qi circulation, improve flow in meridians.