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Stroud, Gloucestershire

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We produce Paints, Woodstains, Oils, Waxes and Cleaning products using only natural materials. These products are highly sustainable and bring health benefits to the user.

As well as being very ecologically sound our  products are of a very high quality and are widely used by people with chemical sensitivites, breathing issues and for environments or objects used by children and animals.

With 30 years experience of leading the way for natural paints you can be assured that our products have been thoroughly tested and proven to perform and all without the need for chemicals.

Ours wall and ceiling paints come in 92 shades so you can be sure to find one that suits you and specialist products such as our Anti-mould systems and Airfresh paints will help improve the quality of any home.

We would like to expand our business. Let's send us a Contact Request if you want to get in touch.

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