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In Italy and all over the world the vegetarians and vegans are becoming more and more numerous and demanding. In Italy vegetarians are nearly 10% of the population.

It is now evident that there are no more just “salads”: look at the shelves of supermarkets, very alert to changes of consumption, these have gradually been filled with "green" food!

Our vegan production arises from the need to combine the style, traditions and beauty typical of Italian fashion with vegetarian / vegan ethics related to the use of alternative materials to leather. 

The Brand wants to position itself at the top end of the market: that is, when “LUXURY becomes ETHICAL”:

We produce cruelty free shoes made in a workmanlike by master craftsmen, followed one by one by hand, beautiful and even ethical:

Made in Italy: Each used material comes from highly qualified Italian company, whose production takes place in Italy. The search for natural materials, organic, sustainable or recycled materials is constant. The selection does not compromise with the price of the materials, but we only use the best of what the market offers, both in terms of yield, both in terms of aesthetics.

Craftsmanship: We rely on exclusively craftsmen: the shoes are still hand-sewn and treated individually. The factory is run by master craftsmen located in the Marche region for the production of Men shoes (manufacturing center specializing in this type of production) and in the city of Parabiago for Lady shoes ("city of the shoe" on the outskirts of Milan with excellence in this kind of production);

Limited Editions: The production of most models (with 'only exclusion of the basic lines for men and women) do not include the more than 15 pairs of shoes each, this is to stress the concept of uniqueness of the pair of shoes you buy. Each capsule collection is unique and unrepeatable.

Style: Elegant but Modern, Dandy but Chic and Refined.

Cruelty free: no product contains or will contain leather, or derivatives. The search for alternative material is costant.  Opificio V is certified by The Vegan Society Uk.

Elegant and smart Boxes: a true exercise in creativity. Bags reusable at home: to show that recycling can also be aesthetically pleasing.

Please contact us through Connature Contact Form, Thank you.

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