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Hi everybody, we are a reputable import/export trading & manufacturing company and domestic bulk ingredient supplier. We are a team of committed people with over 40 years of combined experience in every step of the food & feed ingredient supply cycle. Vantage supplies a full line of Premium Quality Certified Organic and Conventional Non-GMO Ingredients including Dry Edible Beans, Grains, Oilseeds, Soybeans, Flours, Meals, Vegetable oils and Rice and other foods and feed products.

With our commitment to Provide Premium Quality Ingredients, we have been successful in establishing long term business and relationships with companies and individuals that share and practice the mutual belief, that is honesty, integrity, and reliability that are very important to everyone's success. We maintain the bond of trust and cooperation with farmers and customers to promote organic cultivation in India and export these products World Wide.

In case you would be interested in this kind of buying/selling, please contact us and explain me what you offer or search and we'll give you a feedback asap. Thanks!

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This company has acquired the following certifications: EEU, NPOP

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British Antarctic Territory, Canada, China

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Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Russia