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Botaniex is a market-oriented and research-driven manufacturer and supplier of botanical extracts and herbal formulations. Our strong R&D team is dedicated to development of the natural ingredients and the herbal formulations focusing on men’s health and women’s health.

Our main product categories are as follows:

Herbal Formulations for Male Enhancement as well as for Female Libido;
Herbal Ingredients and Formulas for Rapid Weight Loss and Weight Management;
Full Spectrum of Quality Tea Extracts at Affordable Price;
Herbal Extracts (Standardized Extracts and Ratio-Based Extracts).

In addition, we provide customers with value added services including:
Private Label Manufacturing,
Contract Manufacturing;
Product Formulation Assistance;
Concept Development

Are you looking for the proven fast acting male enhancement, quick female libido booster, rapid weight loss formula, and the best remedy to stop premature ejaculation? Botaniex will provide you the solution packages. Please contact us for free consultation and quotes.

For more about our products and service, please contact us.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: CHINA ORGANIC FOOD DEVELOPMENT CENTER

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Revitalizer -Herb male ehancement  formula, is an extremely effective herbal blending for male enhancement and/or erectile dysfunction;

Passion-X/ Women's Libido Enhancement, is an innovative formulation for female sexual arousal dysfunction.

SlimEasy is a nourishing caffeine and ephedra-free weight-management formula, and it’s a rapid and safe weight loss formulation, and very popular worldwide.

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Revitalizer M, the most popular fast acting herbal formula for erectile dysfunction in the current World market,  is mostly sold  as the ingredient in the form of powder extract blend rather than a finished product.

Last update products

Upon the request of customers, we can make the bulk capsules/tablets using the ingredient (formula) – Revitalizer M, even further, we can do the blister pack, bottle pack, sachet pack for customers, but the customers must sell/distribute the product (the capsules/tablets filled  with Revitalizer M) in their own brands.