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IMobile Marketing is an innovative model which employs cell phones and tablets technology as an instrument to understand the consumer and communicate with him following the technological evolution which is actually imprinting traditional marketing theories.

In fact, to get the consumer’s attention today it is crucial to let him feel unique rather than part of a target group, reaching him with focused and personalized messages. It is part of Katoida’s mission to improve the diffusion of the cellular phone as a marketing instrument and the text message as a basic communication channel to reach loyal customers and prospects.

KATOIDA d.o.o.
A group of marketing information professionals coming from different fields of experience, such as Marketing research, advertising, and enterprise socio-economic developement policies, has merged in Katoida in order to offer and make known in the business environment the marketing potentiality of the mobile channel.
The extremely powerful connectivity  between web and wireless telephony – when keeping contact with customers is the primary challenge – allows today to stay in touch with the market in a very efficient way.


Katoida d.o.o. mission is to operate in innovative communication, marketing and marketing research services using text messages (SMS) and the Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). Katoida performs these services directly or sub-accounting the operations to the client in case of large or classified databases.
In that case, the access to a customized platform is granted. The platform is very efficient and internationally tested, easy to use and structured for sending bulk SMS, single or two-way, branded or anonimous. Katoida offers the access to the USSD interactive protocol, too, (interactive dialogue between a subscriber and a database) for marketing, advertising or research  purposes, particularly for customer research objectives.

Through text messages (SMS), we can directly communicate to each customer and the communication turns to be personalized. In association with text messages, Katoida offers the opportunity of an interactive text dialogue through the programming of specially designed USSD (Unstructured supplementary service data) sessions.

That’s the way Katoida helps Companies to reach their customers and prospects immediately and effectively. To let them feel unique in their relationship with the company and obtain that the messages sent are read straight away.

Products & Services:
• Bulk SMS
• Two Way SMS
• Optimization of numbers called
• UssD
• DataBase
• Anti Spam
• Reporting