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In Fontanarosa, a small town in the province of Avellino stands the Agricultural Society “Rocca Normanna” Its products, signed “Il Cortiglio”, are the result of a perfect combination between environment, variety wine and olive-growing, entrepreneurial capacity and tradition.

The name “Il Cortiglio” is derived from the square of the small Campanian town, Fontanarosa: the linden tree that stood in the ancient court in the land over time has become a symbol of the agricultural culture, rich and all to be discovered.

The first olive trees date back to Roman times where, under optimum altitude (between 500 and 600 meters above sea level) and favorable terrain, it was felt that the olive tree was the most suitable plant to grow. The company still has its ancient stone basins in which the oil  was left and the wine cellars of the year 1100, but it now uses the most modern techniques of production and conservation. The extraction of the oil is of the mechanical type, in a continuous cycle, and it is a cold extraction.

What distinguishes our oils from others on the market is the care with which the company operates the olive groves: about three thousand plants over an area of seven hectares, of family property ever since. The corporate project also provides for an extension of the olive, which in two years will lead him to share five thousand plants: one of the largest plants in the area! In November 2012, 1.000 trees of the variety ‘ravece’ were planted; next year will be planted more 1.000 olive trees including ‘ravece’ and ‘marinese’. The special feature of this new plant is that the cuttings, taken from centuries-old olive trees company, were grown in the nursery.

The olive harvest is premature and takes place before complete maturation. The ‘molitura’ is immediate - a factor that reduces the percentage of acidity maintaining all the characteristics - and the olives are never left to rest on the ground. During harvesting cultivar are separated for the production of the four oils: Ecla (Marinese), Erbo (Ogliarola of Avellino), Pedra (Ravece - Irpinia DOP - Hills dell'Ufita) and Icante (Blend).

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Ecla is a tribute to the Aeclanum territory, the main center of the Samnite tribe of Irpinia. It is a monocultivar of Marinese and it has a delicate taste. Its color is very green and its smell expresses a sense of fruity, olive green, with medium intensity of herbaceous aromas of rosemary, tomatoes and almonds and a hint of artichoke less pronounced. Smooth on the palate, initially the sweet and then rosemary, almond and tomato are perceived. This oil is very clean and balanced, and it is a magnificent expression of the Marinese cultivar, thanks to its typicalness and its quality.

The name Erbo comes from the strong herbaceous note that characterizes this oil. It is extracted from olives called Ogliarola of Avellino, a cultivar of Irpinia widespread in the region. Its smell is medium-fruity and aromas of apple, tomato and almond characterize it. The evolution of taste is the following: it starts sweet, with hints of fruit, becomes bitter, which recalls the leaf, and finally is spicy that evokes ginger. The overall balance is good, it leaves your mouth very clean and with a pleasant aftertaste of apple.

Pedra is the oil of rural wisdom. Its name remembers the ancient stone vats where it was preserved. It is the novelty of 2012, monovarietale Ravece, boasts the Protected Designation of Origin PDO Irpinia - Colline dell'Ufita. It comes from the intensely fruity, with notes of artichoke and tomato leaf. The taste bitter and spicy are intense, balanced and persistent aftertaste is pleasant green tomato and artichoke.

Icante, is obtained from olives of different varieties, Pedra is medium fruity with hints of tomato, almond and herbaceous notes. The scents of bitter and raw vegetables give to the oil an extreme pleasantness. The taste initially is sweet, with olfactory responsiveness of the almond; it adds a bitter taste, reminiscent of vegetables, and a pleasantly spicy like chili. The finish is pleasant and is characterized by the taste of escarole.

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