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Young, active, expert team efforts have brought to life a new prospective business that spreads around the world;

In our company Yoga specialists and designers work closely in order to produce equipment that combines ancient wisdom with modern technologies, thus creating superb quality products for people who are looking for harmony and inner strength;

Our mission is to encourage convalescence and support healthy lifestyle of people by providing innovative, eco-friendly products therefore we are linking the professional distributors and open-minded partners around the world and especially on our targeted markets.

Our origins
“Advaita” means “non-dualism” in Sanskrit. It is a way of thought that does not divide or judge the world, but sees beauty and harmony instead of differences and strife. Advaita thinking means casting away all barriers created by dogmas and rules, it means discovering your inner power and creating beauty in everything you touch.

It is a bridge where the past, the present, and the future meet by combining ancient wisdom, beauty of present shapes, colors and patterns of nature, and the technologies of the future. Our ideal is a world where people are inspired and educated by nature itself – its beauty, its forms, its colors, and its wisdom.

Our values

Our aim is to attract people to the healthy lifestyle, to show the way how to respect our planet, to give the outlook on the responsibility of a human being.

We do believe that each and other can give their efforts to improve our life and to save our planet. Oceans consist of the drops but altogether reveal a great power! Together we can change the world to be a better place to live in.


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This company has acquired the following certifications: US FDA

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This company also sells RECYCLED PRODUCTS.


Pranamat was invented by health and wellness specialists, yoga professionals, designers and entreprenuers that have come together to create unique and effective eco-friendly products. Our gaol was to create very high-qualified, original, safe and friendly acupressure mat for those who always asking for the best.
Shape of the main part of Pranamat Eco, «lotus», was designed by the famous european designer of furniture and things for living, Stanislav Katz.