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A market that offers a wide range of intermittent stimuli requires a supple organizational structure, able to tap into different, professionally advanced forms of know-how.

Thanks to effective integration of competencies in various sectors - graphics, web, multimedia - we offer our customers on-off/line communication solutions at speeds that keep pace with market flow.

Time and quality are key factors in an increasingly demanding, competitive market. Thanks to the integrated professional system and a wide range of printing technologies, GPT can serve as a one-stop source, optimizing times and always meeting the deadlines.

GPT performs all phases of the work cycle: from consultation, design and creation of the graphics to prepress, printing, finishing and binding, all they way to delivery of the finished product.

Products are presented, recounted, but also stored and distributed. The package finds itself at the core of the merchandising system, an intermediary between purchaser, point of sale and manufacturer: on the one hand, it must provide open dialogue with the consumer; on the other, it must protect the product and meet the requirements for storage, distribution and layout within the point of sale.
GPT provides services that run from design to logistics and post-sale services, with a complete range of products and materials.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: FSC, ISO 14001, ISO 9001: 2000

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