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Mrs. MARIA CAPUTO is the heiress of one of the most ancient families of olive-growers and oil-mill owners of Molfetta (Bari) and she is continuing her family tradition orienting the olive-growing production totally to the biological cultivation, being sensitive to the environmental problems that become more and more pressing every day, to keep a correct and healthy life style.

The extra virgin olive oil from biological cultivation “GRAN PREGIO” is obtained by a careful selection of the best olives of Coratina and Peranzana cultivar , picked up in the family running farms, from the experiences handed down from father to son.

The origin land is located at North of Bari, into the cradle of secular olive-groves behind the Adriatic sea where the fertile lands and the mild and sweet-smelling climate of the sea give to the oil particular organoleptic characteristics.

We add to all this an exasperated care of the methodical processing steps : from the plants pruning to the manual picking-up on the trees, transforming the picked-up olives within the same picking-up day by a last generation continuous running equipment, with filtering and packaging made at the family oil-mill headed to MARIA’s father, IGNAZIO CAPUTO.

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 “GRAN PREGIO BIO” – Coratina

Intensive fruit grassy taste with traces of almond and artichoke. Intense bitter and spicy notes with artichoke, chicory and almond aftertaste.

Variety: Monovariety Coratina

Combination: red meat, vegetables, cooked vegetables, bruschetta and salad dressing



Medium fruit grassy taste with traces of almond, artichoke, tomato and apple. Medium-bitter and spicy notes with artichoke, chicory and almond aftertaste.

Variety: blend Coratina + Peranzana

Combination: meat, salads, Pelagic fish


“GRAN PREGIO BIO” – Peranzana

Light fruit grassy taste with traces of almond, artichoke, tomato and apple.Medium bitter and spicy notes with almond, chicory and grassy artichoke aftertaste.

Variety: monovariety Peranzana

Combination: white meals, white fish, salads.

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Germany, Japan, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland

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Canada, Japan, United States, European Union