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NG Pharma S.r.l. is an Italian company, owner of the NATGREEN® brand, which has as its objective the promotion of a healthy lifestyle through basic principles such as: proper nutrition, constant physical activity and integration of high quality natural products, attention to the psycho-physical health of the We use the best experts in the sector to research the ingredients, to study the formulas, and above all to achieve the expected results.

Certifications Information

Glutenfree - All NATGREEN® supplements do not contain gluten.

Lactosefree - All NATGREEN® supplements do not contain milk, lactose or its derivatives.

Allergensfree - All NATGREEN® supplements do not contain allergens from the list in Annex II of EU Reg. 1169/2011.

At the end of production, the non-contamination test is performed to guarantee 100% the absence of gluten and milk.

Dopingfree - All NATGREEN® supplements do not contain doping substances present in the WADA list.

Vegan - All NATGREEN® supplements are suitable for vegans as they do not contain substances of animal origin.

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Natgreen supplements are distinguished by their highly efficient composition and aimed at the individual's mental and physical well-being.

Attention has been focused on the quality / efficiency of the active ingredients, even the capsules are vegetable to be disposed of / absorbed in the best possible way with the least possible impact on the human body.

all products are also characterized by a high concentration of anti-oxidants

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Albania, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, China, North Korea, South Korea, Croatia, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Greece, Hong Kong SAR China, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Monaco, Montenegro, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, San Marino, Spain, United States, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, European Union, Venezuela