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Our company is a small FairForLife and organic certified company based in the south of Germany. To provide access to the European market, we import dried and fresh fruit from mostly our own fair projects in Tanzania and Uganda.

Our aim is to provide excellent high quality products that make this world a fairer place. We can offer almost all of our dried fruit in raw food quality: dried pineapple, baby-banana, jackfruit, papaya, golden berry. We also offer dried mango (not raw, but dried gently) from a fair project in Burkina Faso. Our dried fruit are available packed in 100g-bags or in 2-4kg-bulk-bags. Prices vary according to order quantity.

Please contact us for any further questions or individual offers.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: ECOCERT, Fair for Life

Certifications Information

Kipepeo dried fruit are produced in our organic and fair certified project in Tanzania. We have been working with the project continually over 15 years now which gives them the ability to offer jobs within a very rural region of the country. The project is working with approx. 300 small scale farmers who produce exotic fruit. These small scale farmers are NOT growing mono-cultures, but keep their land and soil healthy by growing different kinds of fruit organically.

As their trading partner, we are responsible for fairtrade-premium payments, which enable the Tanzanian project to support developmental activities within the region that reach also people who are not directly connected with the project itself.

Through donations Kipepeo e.V. supports the distribution of water tanks which improves the daily chores - mostly of women and children - of the receiving families.

If you are interested in more detailled information, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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