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Tenuta Chiaramonte, for different peculiarities, is a very special company in the “Oil World”, and our ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil too, in its variants, is the result of our passion and
dedication to the olive trees and to our tradition, intense and exciting when opening the bottle and its fragrances pervade the senses, tasting it with closed eyes you can perceive the characteristics of this sun-kissed land, sanguine, strong in character, full of perfumes and atmospheres as well as in the collective imagination.

Tenuta Chiaramonte is located in a dominant position in the beautiful Irminio Valley in the Province of Ragusa, where You can enjoy a "stunning" view overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a few kilometers away. 
In this natural oasis, Tenuta Chiaramonte counts 99 hectares of absolutely organic cultivation, 16,000 olive trees, 7 cultivars (among which the most important Tonda Iblea and Moresca), state of the art facility and oil mill, temperature controlled room and stainless steel silos with nitrogen, bottling area, manual harvest with very accurate selection of olives in the field of olives to guarantee the highest quality of the product.

We don’t buy olives or oil from anyone, we grow, we collect, we crush olives and we bottle oil, all this in completely autonomy, because we believe in this way of production, we follow and wait all year round the path of nature, to get our product.

We produce high quality extra virgin olive oil, organic because we believe in nature and in a return to ancient traditions; in a world that’s now more competitive than qualitative, even if there’s a timid change towards quality, we believe in the properties of genuine extra virgin olive oil.
We want to educate people to the use of this "fruit juice", to tell them its characteristics and its very unknown exceptional healthful properties, we want to bring out its dominant features when used for cooking. Only in this way extra virgin olive oil can be the protagonist simply relishing a dish, with a new taste, finally exalted.
Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a completely and absolutely “handmade” product.

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P.D.O. Monti Iblei "Gulfi" ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Cold Extraction

Obtained by pressing Tonda Iblea olive cultivar from the nearly-thousand trees situated on the hills near Chiaramonte Gulfi (Ragusa - Sicily).

It is distinguished by a persistent fruity with medium notes of bitter and spicy, with a typical descriptor of the Tonda Iblea cultivar attributable to the smell of green tomato. 

Cultivar 100% Tonda Iblea

Fruity Intensity Intense, leaf sensation

Color Green Yellow

Acidity (Oleic Acid) 0,17%

Peroxides Number 8,5 meqO2/Kg

K232 Extinction Coefficient 1,742

K270 Extinction Coefficient 0,104

Delta K 0,001

Polyphenols 228 mg/Kg

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P.D.O. Monti Iblei "Valle dell'Irminio" ORGANIC Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Cold Extraction

 Obtained by pressing Moresca Olive Cultivar (60%) and Verdese Olive Cultivar (40%) from 16.000 trees facing the Mediterranean Sea in the beautiful Irminio Valley.  

Its characteristics are the medium light fruity smell with light herbaceous sensation, tasting it you can perceive light sensation of bitter and spicy with a typical descriptor of the 2 varieties, Moresca and Verdese, attributable to the smell of artichoke.

 Cultivar 60% Moresca,

40% Verdese

Fruity Intensity Intense, Grass Sensation

Color Green Yellow

Acidity (Oleic Acid) 0,26%

Peroxides Number 7,4 meqO2/Kg

K232 Extinction Coefficient 1,768

K270 Extinction Coefficient 0,116

Delta K 0,002

Polyphenols 197 mg/Kg

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Japan, Italy, Switzerland

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Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, East Germany, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Serbia, Serbia and Montenegro, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine, Hungary, European Union, Vatican City