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Our company is an origin company located in the same country where the fabulous Peruvian Cacao grows, which allows us to have a very close and direct relationship with our local small farmers, creating a teamwork that has resulted in the delivery of cacao products with unparalleled aroma and flavour.

This proximity to our farmers not only has taught us to know the benefits of our cacao, but also to see and value the hard work of each farmer to obatin cacao beans with an excellent flavour profile to the delight of our customers.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: EU Organic Certification, JAS, Kosher Certification, USDA NOP

Certifications Information

We are working closely with local farmers and we value their work to preserve organic beans with the best flavors and aromas.  At the same time, farmers find in us a business partner with whom they share the benefits and economic development of providing the international market with the exquisite Peruvian Organic Cacao.

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This hand-pick selected raw cacao bean is the closest to the original fruit, a chocolate in its unprocessed form, truly a “Foods of the Gods”
Cacao Beans are an incredibly Superfood rich in calcium, zinc, iron, protein, magnesium and antioxidants. Our Premium Cacao let us get an excellent product and its amazing chocolate flavour will mesmerize your senses.

PACKING: Carton case: 3 kg. net weight / Carton case: 16 kg. net weight.

CERTIFICATION: USDA and EU Organic certification / Kosher certification.



Comes from sorted high quality cacao beans, which are dehydrated or roasted, peeled and broken into Little pieces. This Superfood is rich in antioxidant and important source of minerals as magnesium, iron and for that reason the cacao is considered as a Millenarian Food Worthy of the Gods.

To eat Cacao Nibs is to try a true natural chocolate without sugar with less processing than a chocolate. The perfect way to enjoy all the healthy benefits from this outstanding ancient food. It´s an amazing healthy snack

PACKING: Carton Case: 15 kg. net weight

CERTIFICATION: USDA and EU Organic certification / Kosher certification.



It´s 100% chocolate made from selected cacao nibs, which are milled to create a Cacao Liquor with an exquisite aroma and taste.

This Cacao Paste contains both cacao butter and cacao solids perserving all its incredible antioxidant properties and minerals.

PACKING: Single block in carton case: 5 kg. net weight / Bulk bars in carton case: 5 kg. net weight

CERTIFICATION: USDA and EU Organic certification / Kosher certification.



Organic Dark Chocolate Couverture made from only great Organic Peruvian Cacao Beans, its exquisite and exotic flavor will captivate you. Keep in mind that eating a small amount of dark chocolate helps improve health and mood. So let your imagination run wild and give your mouth an incredible chocolate!

Choose the one you prefer: 85%, 75% or 60%. Not lecithin.

PACKING: Single block in carton case: 5 kg. net weight / Bulk bars in carton case: 5 kg. net weight

CERTIFICATION: USDA and EU Organic certification / Kosher certification.

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Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, East Germany, European Union, France, Germany, Kuwait, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States