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We have been on the market for prevention and wellness since 1997under the brand names Aloeplus, AloeVet and Aloe-beta.
 We chose to use as an important basis of our products, the queen of herbal medicine plants, organic Aloe Arborescens from Italian crops.

We have decided to use Aloe Arborescens and not Aloe Vera as Aloe Arborescens has a significantly higher concentration of active ingredients and therefore a greater therapeutic activity.

All this is confirmed by various researches and the recent international bibliography that have highlighted how Aloe Arborescens is much more effective than Aloe Vera if it is to target a product therapy.

Our method of"cold working" called "HDR method" property of our company, is protected by trade secret and allows us to use many components with high biological value present in whole leaf Aloe arborescens, both in the gel and in the cuticle. 

I want to introduce you a new product that is revolutionizing the way you take Aloe. I'm talking about Capsuled Aloe.

Why did we decide to create this product?

To resolve 5 problems that ails those that utilize Aloe and until now had no resolutions:

=> You'll say goodbye to Aloe's bitter taste
=>Youll'be able to take Aloe while avoiding the alcoholic part of some concoctions
=> You have no preoccupation of taking honey or other sweeteners that are in some concoctions
=> You cold take Aloe even when traveling or while being out all day and you won't be obligated to renounce its huge benefits
=> You won't bound to take any additive or preservatives in concoctions

Over 300 active ingredients, useful, important, essential for your health, always with you!

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This company has acquired the following certifications: CCPB , Vegan Ok, VEGAN OK

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It is an organic food supplement based on spirulina, black carrot and aloe arborescens. Its special formulation has a restorative action and is an important support for the body of anyone over 50 years.

In just 30 seconds a day you can enhance and improve your overall well-being.
You will regain the vigor of a twenty year old.

Vitalit 50 years + is organic certified, made only with ingredients from Italian organic farming.

What makes Vitalit 50 + years old the ideal supplement for:

- give strength to your body when you feel tired and devoid of energy
- support your body during challenging and stressful days
- strengthen your body to cope with physiological drops due to age 

It is the synergy of all these powerful natural extracts found in its formulation

What does it mean?

That each of the beneficial substances (spirulina, black carrot, aloe arborescens) present in the Vitality 50+ years old allies with the other giving life to a final effect greater than what these components can do alone.

Last update products

he convenient vegetable capsule allow you to take Aloe with ease even when you're outside.

All the benefits of Aloe Arborescens, aloe's species with the highest concentration of active ingredients, you can have always in your pocket.

You can always have available a true arsenal of useful, important and essential elements such as:

Amino acids

With a simple gesture and quickly you'll benefit of all these elements.

The capsules are ideal for:

Whoever cannot take the alcoholic part of the Aloe concoction.
People that do not like the bitter taste typical of Aloe.
Diabetics, thanks to its absence of sugars and sweeteners.
Whoever do not want to take preservatives, additives and sweeteners contained in other concoctions.
All those people that are outside all day and are forced to give up the benefits of Aloe Arborescens.

To resolve 5 problems that ails those that utilize Aloe and until now had no resolutions:

• You’ll say goodbye to ALOE’s bitter taste
• You’ll be able to take ALOE while avoiding the alcoholic part of some concoctions
• You have no preoccupation of taking honey or other sweeteners that are in some concoctions
• You could take ALOE even when traveling or whilebbeing out all day and you won’t be obligated to renounce its huge benefits

Our exclusive and innovative method of cold processing allows us to keep intact all the active ingredients present inside the Aloe Arborescens leaf, guaranteeing the same efficacy of fresh concoction but with longer conservation without using preservatives or additives.

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BioFach (Germany), Cosmofarma (Italy), SANA (Italy)