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Chiang Mai

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We are manufacturer and distributor of "Narah" herbal product. Our company focuses on using organic certified herbs for people who have diabetic problem without side effect, chemical residue. Narah's herbal products do not have negative effect to kidney and liver, which can cause of other disease.

Our products safety and standards are confirmed by Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health Thailand and international standards from US. Department of Agriculture which is the American certificate of food and organic product (USDA Organic). And our products is also certified by Europe Department of Agriculture Organic (EU). Our factory is passed GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standard to make sure that our products are safe to consume.

We exhibited our product booth in BIOFACH, 2015 and 2016 at Nuremberg Germany which is the world's leading Trade Fair for Organic Food.

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Properties: Our tea product can help lower and control blood glucose. It also reduces viscous of blood that makes the blood circulatory system works normally. It helps to reduce hands- feet numb, dizziness and blood pressure. Our pancreas will be recovered. It also has antioxidant.


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Properties: Our capsule product can help lower and control blood glucose, reduce blood pressure to normal level, reduce fat, reduce cholesterol and triglyceride also recover pancreas. It has high iron, vitamins C and antioxidant. Our capsule product can reduce viscous of blood that makes Circulatory System work normally.

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Properties: Our coffee product can help lower and control blood glucose and it also recover our pancreas. It helps to detox toxic from intestine which makes body healthier, helps block and burn sugar in the body. Our coffee product met customer demand by using white bean instead of creamer, which will not cause high cholesterol, high-fat and no trans-fat.

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BioFach (Germany)