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Our company covers a large range of Italian Espresso Coffee to satisfy any needs, from large importer and distributor to small grocery.

We would guarantee the best Italian Espresso Coffee, with a real competitive price, to develop any type of market.

With our brand name  we supply our customers in any part of the world.

With its worldwide presence and an individual service package, our product has optimally alligned itself to the different requests of its customers.

We are ready to satisfy your needs in coffee sector.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: FAIRTRADE FOUNDATION, HACCP

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HAACCP and Fairtrade Foundation

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ESPRESSO ORO combine the interaction of various origins within a unique blend. It represent the harmony of aromas, the balance of acidity and mildness.

ESPRESSO ORO is a special blend made from the finest Robusta and the best Arabica from Brazil and the Central America. Unique aroma and full flavour of classic Espresso.

The five elements to identify the essence of our ESPRESSO ORO:

Roast: medium
Aroma: delicate
Body: well-balanced
Flavour: decisive 
Cup: smooth

Geographical Area
Countries of presence

Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland

Countries of interest

Canada, United Arab Emirates, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, Dominican Republic