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We are an online store that sells sustainable apparel and toys for kids.

If you want to propose as a supplier send us a contact request. Many Thanks.

Green certifications
Certifications have been obtained for ended products, raw materials used or manufacturing processes.
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This company has acquired the following certifications: Australian Certified Organic, BFA, CE - Conformité Européenne, CERES CERTIFICATION OF ENVIRONMENTAL STANDARDS, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist through ARC (Aromatherapy Registration Counsel), Cosmetique Eco, Demeter, DEMETER ASSOCIATION,INC., DEMETER FRANCE, Ecolabel, G.O.T.S., Organic Farming, Zero Impact Web Site

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This company also sells RECYCLED PRODUCTS.

Bonjour baby supports many organisations and charities across Australia that are directly linked to children, social justice and sustainability. When buying on Bonjour Baby you directly make a difference in supporting these organisations we partner with.

Our baby charity of choice is Telstra Child Flight. It is the only emergency helicopter service in Australia just for kids. It helps save the lives of critically ill children from regional areas every time they fly, transporting their precious cargo to one of only 10 hospitals in metropolitan NSW and the ACT which have neonatal and paediatric intensive care facilities and expertise.

We, here at Bonjour Baby, consider it our responsibility to never stray from this core value which we embody not just in the products and services that we endorse, but in ALL our efforts. Corporate responsibility is a cornerstone of the Bonjour baby philosophy, where we emphasize profit, people and the planet as core indicators of good business.


Our sustainability policy:

At Bonjour Baby, socio-environmental responsibility is at the core of our thinking. This eco living philosophy has been at the center of this enterprise since our creation in 2009, through the complete involvement of its staff member and volunteers. As a local business with further reach than Sydney, we are committed to the local communities across the country and embrace our social responsibility in being part of the Australian corporate community. Bonjour Baby strives to build on the significant achievements of the organisation by committing to work with staff, suppliers, and partners to continuously improve our social and environmental performances.

As a result, we:
· Proactively strive to reduce the environmental impact of the various activities as a result of our activities, emphasising the need for reducing energy, water usage and waste.
· Commit to buying 100% Green Power right from our creation.
· Commit to offset all of its extra-emissions in investing in carbon credits from a trusted and verified third-party company.
· Comply with legislation that is relevant to our environmental impacts.
· Challenge current thinking in ways of resource recovery for our industry.
· Promote waste avoidance and develop resource recovery initiatives with staff, suppliers, partners and consumers.
· Develop an awareness program for staff, suppliers, partners to identify and quantify the environmental impact of their activities and ways to mitigate.
· Enhance/expand staff awareness program and encourage participation in community sponsored social and environmental initiatives.
· Encourage the promotion of green partners within our network of suppliers and partners.
· Create social opportunities that will benefit the industry and the community as a whole.
· Provide for recurrent assessment of our performance, the effectiveness of the overall sustainability program and a mechanism for adjusting targets going forward.

By acknowledging the role Bonjour Baby plays in the Australian landscape through our environmental and social track record, while mindful of the limitations we can encounter in this industry, Bonjour Baby strives to be an environmental leader and a social ambassador in its industry worldwide.

Together, Governments, Organizations, Businesses and Individuals like you can, and Do make a difference. What is in it for us? Our bit done NOW, is a contribution to well-being for all in the future. We leave a loving positive legacy, no matter how small, to saving the planet rather than sounding the death-knells!!

Sustainable details





Fair Trade



Cruelty Free


We place a very high emphasis on socially responsible production for all the products that we source.

We make sure that the our suppliers use use operate in strict compliance with the government labour standards regulations. Minimum wage levels and the minimum employment age are generally set higher than stipulated under local government regulations.

In order to attract and retain high quality personnel, the facilities provide a range of benefits including health, housing and educational programs for dependents, as well as recreational facilities.

In addition to using organic cotton which is a significant contribution to sustainability, the organic cotton fabrics and products produced in our mills overseas conform fully to the Organic Processing Standards currently being developed in the US by the Organic Trade Associations's Organic Fiber Council and follow the requirements of both the ETAD and the Oeko-Tex 100 Standards recognized in Europe.

Hydrogen peroxide is used in the bleaching process for all fabrics and the use of all chlorine compounds is strictly prohibited.  The fabrics are colored using Low-Impact Fiber-Reactive dyes, which contain no azo, sulfa or heavy metals. The fibre absorbs most of the dye which means that the amount of effluent is significantly reduced, is much cleaner and most of it can be recyled as water back into the process.