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Company Description

Hi everybody! Our family began in the late 80’s with distribution of Natural Whole Cane Sugar in Corabastos Bogota, D.C under “C.I Alliance S. A.”, which till this day is still active. Corabastos is the hub center of all agricultural foods Colombia has to offer.
In interesting fact in reference to Natural Whole Cane Sugar, that many of you may not know is that Colombia is the largest consumer in the world, and second largest producer in world. Given these facts we began to explore the global markets, and shortly realized the need for natural sugar and natural foods.

After realizing the demand for natural foods, and analyzing Colombia natural resources, such as, vast lushes’ rainforest, climate ranges, altitudes ranges, and world renowned recognition for its Coffee, Roses, Tropical Fruits, Exotic Fruits, Sugar, Stevia and many other products, we decided to establish Global Agricultural Trading in 2007.

Our company is dedicated to the import and export of Colombia’s Natural and 100% fresh foods.

Our mission: Through fair trade and as one united team to offer top quality and nutritious products that only this South American Andean Country has to offer.

We strive to maintain a direct transparency between our producers and clients and promote free trade.
If you want to contact us we'll  be pleased to answer to all your questions and needs. Thank you.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: JAS, KSA Kosher, Organic Farming, USDA Organic