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Company Description

Rehabilitation of a local product in the industrializing and improve thanks to patent a new process for manufacturing dates derived by extraction with cold to save the organoleptic qualities of fruit processed.

Preservation and enhancement of common dates that despite their nutritive qualities are spirited away for lack of marketing = restoration of biodiversity in the oasis environment.

By cold extraction (preservation of the organoleptic characteristics without added sugar or other chemical products) and Exploitation of Tailings from the extraction to produce new natural foods..
Our products:

Robb or  dates "honey"
Date juice
Hazelnut cream dates
Date syrup
dates Jam
Dates Coffee
Dates flour
Dates vinegar
Chocolate with dates products

Our Mission:

Job creation for young people in the region with equal opportunities between women and men.
Creating a business with potential for scale international competitiveness (new product, exotic, responding to consumer expectations: natural, without the addition of chemicals, biological)


Rehabilitation of local products (specificity, competitiveness)
Back to nature
High added value,
Sustainable Development
(Youth Employment, Equal Opportunities, Protection of the environment (ZERO Waste, Biodiversity))
Research and Development (Other project ideas)


Green certifications
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This company has acquired the following certifications: A.IA.B., ABCERT AG, ISO9001-2015

Geographical Area
Countries of interest

Falkland Islands, Finland, France, Germany