The number one reason why Connature get started is Life Respect. The word "Connature" embodies two main concepts which are essential to our platform and planet: Connection with Nature.
Today sustainable companies need to expand their business, find new commercial channels, increase their visibility and sell faster and easier.
Connature is the international professional networking and trading platform dedicated to the sustainable industry and operators (suppliers and buyers).

By registering your Profile your company becomes visible to thousands of international operators and easy to reach.

Certified Suppliers Only

To be part of Connature, suppliers need to be certified: they need to have acquired at least 1 sustainable certification on ended products, raw materials used or manufacturing processes.
Connature is partner of the International Fur Free Standard supported by LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione). Consistent with our vision Connature doesn't welcome any meat, fur and leather trade. Thank you in advance for respecting our vision, just as we respect different visions.

How Connature supports companies growth?

The platform is exclusively dedicated to sustainable industry professionals; manufacturers, buyers, distributors, retailers, exporters, wholesalers of producs and raw materials which are sustainable: Organic or Cruelty Free, Vegan, Fair Trade, Recycled or produced with respect for people and environment.

Connature supports companies by increasing new contacts and trading.
When a company join the platform new professional contacts open up all over the world and a range of business services become available.

Registration Solutions

Free Registration

If you subscribe your company as a Free User, operators will connect with you by email and you can list your company in 1 category of the Products or Raw Materials Directories.

Advanced Registration

If you subscribe your company as an Advanced User operators will connect with you through multiple contact tools (email, telephone, skype, socials), you can list your company in 10 categories of the Products or Raw Materials Directories, you'll get higher visibility because your company logo will be displayed on Connature homepage, you can buy or sell and find new commercial channels by using specific services.

If you are a supplier click here to register and in 5 minutes our services will be yours.

If you are a buyer or a buyer/supplier who wants to sell or sell and buy click here to register, access the marketplace and all our commercial opportunities.

Connature users

Connature has brought together a highly targeted audience who have been carefully selected: only certified sustainable industry professionals as manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and buyers in the sustainable field. An international audience of large distribution buyers, small distribution buyers, retailers, purchasing managers, wholesalers, all of whom are looking for new suppliers and new products. Our users come from many different countries – including Europe, North and South America and the Middle East.

Connature Price Vision

Connature has an affordable price vision which enables suppliers and buyers to be visible and present on markets that are difficult to reach through normal acitivities.

Connature visibility

Connature increases the number of buyer visits by employing a range of different advertising tools and visibility is maintained at a high, focused level by constant promotional and relational activities (partnerships, fairs and events partecipation, newsletters, online advertising, offline advertising).

Languages for browsing Connature

You can browse the marketplace in different languages.

Suppliers that publish their Company profile in English are visible to everyone, regardless of the language of browsing because English is the official language of Connature.
Suppliers that choose to publish their profile in languages that are not English, Italian for example, are visible only to users who browse in Italian.

If you want to translate your company profile into another languages it's very easy! Our system has been developed to translate your company profile: standard sentences are automatically translated and you just need to fill in boxes with translations where requested!

Geographical System

Choosing the geographical area you want to contact is very important and facilitates rapid selection.
Our services always let you select partners and areas according to interested countries and languages.

Connature's birth

Connature was set up on the 16th of December 2012 to face the huge challenge of creating an sustainable online platform with a large team of committed project managers, software developers and graphic designers who are convinced of the feasibility of the Sustainable Industry.
Two years were spent joining our forces and sharing our expertise in software development, graphic design, marketing, deep market knowledge and sensitivity in order to develop and create a new, fuller service space where suppliers and buyers of the sustainable field could meet and do business together.Visiting the PETA site was decisive for us in making some hard, yet vision consistent, choices.