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Company Description

Ours is an wholesale and Bulk trade company of the best quality of vegetable oils 100& pure and certified organic.

Our oils  are addressed to cosmetic manufacturers and raw ingredients distributors that are searching serius supplier for a long and lasting collaboration.   

Our company follows all the scrupulous protocols of exportations and technical controls of products issued by moroccan authority (EACCE) to guarantee the final  buyer a 100 % pure product. 

Purchasing oils directly from us is a guaranty that you are buying a secure product of high quality.  Our products are certified by ECOCERT that controls the whole production process and ensures our products traceability along the chain: production, processing, packaging, storage and distribution. 

We believe that genuinity of our oils meets the high standards of organic products.


Green certifications
Certifications have been obtained for ended products, raw materials used or manufacturing processes.
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This company has acquired the following certifications: Certificazione EU Agricoltura Biologica, ECOCERT SA FRANCE, USDA NOP

Certifications Information

ECOCERT is an inspections and certification body for sustainable development, specialised in the certification of organic agriculture products.

Organic Certification MA-BIO 154

Organic Certification USDA-NOP

Our vegetable  cosmetic Oils are inspected and certified by ECOCERT the certification body ensures the product traceability throughout the production, processing, packaging, storage and distribution.

Brand "MarocÊtre" has for objective to export and to let discover the richness of the Moroccan traditional cosmetics produced with modern technologies to meet the European standards of quality. Our commitment is to improve in the international trade, organic cosmetic business because we believe in natural cosmetics without the use of synthetic and other harmful chemicals.


Sustainable details




Fair Trade


Cruelty Free


Our vegetable oils are obtained with the cold pressing techniques that leaves their quality unaltered.

ECOCERT certification guarantees the high quality and the authenticity of our oils obtained with respect to the  humans and the environment.


Prickly pear seed oil is an extraordinary oil specially for anti-age treatments.  It is a highly stable oil and an excellent source of anti-oxidants. This oil possesses an astonishingly high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids and its concentration of omega6, omega9, delta 7 stigmasterols makes it acts as a perfect anti-age. 

- prevents premature wrinkle formation and helps the skin to maintain its elasticity

- penetrates very easily into the epidermis and let a velvety feeling

- regenerates and helps the natural process of skin repair and nourishes the skin deeply 

- restores firmness and  tone to the skin.


100% pure natural Argan oil is much different from many oils that can be find around sold as argan oil, usually a pure argan oil has a light yellow gold limpid colour and a very delicate smell. It’s very quick absorbing oil and doesn’t leave the skin greasy. Our Argan oil is obtained from only the cold pressed fruits of organic argania spinosa and is extremely rich in essential fatty acids. 

Argan oil significantly hydrates the skin by restoring its natural barrier and neutralizing free radicals. It also restores remarkable shine to hair.


Black Seed oil promotes overall health for hair. It contains all of the elements needed to keep hair at its best. Black seed oil has many moisturizing qualities, as it contains the fatty acids very important to protect hair from demage.


This culinary Argan oil is produced by roasting the kernels before pressing to obtain a rich fragrant taste oil with a dark yellow colour. This oil is our allied to eliminate the bad cholesterol thanks to its high concentration of essential fatty acids.

 ( Opuntia ficus indica pads powder)

Nopa cactus powder helps fight against obesity as it absorbs fat and sugar. Moreover Nopal cactus powder regulate the body's blood sugar levels and response to insulin. It is recommended for obesity and diabetes.

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High vegetable oil that acts as an advance skin repair.  It's unmatched value among the cosmetic oils is due to it's unique characteristics

- regenerates and helps the natural process of skin repair

- prevents premature wrinkle formation

- an excellent emollient and revitalizer  


Modern extraction technology that does not use water during the pressing helps getting an Argan oil that maintains its properties for a long shelf life. Antioxidants and vitamins E making Argan oil a valuable ally for our skin. 

- helps to neutralize free radicals and protects the skin from the action of premature Aging

- the best natural cosmetic product that gives strength and shine to brittle hair, dyed and dehydrated

- keep scalp healthy and nourished.


Geographical Area
Countries of presence

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Morocco, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States

Countries of interest

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States


Organic & Natural Beauty London 2015 (United Kingdom), SANA (Italy)