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We are a little agricultural company in Italy (Marche), born in 2007 but with old roots in the place. The company was born with the love of genuine products and by the availability of a land that could be abandoned by farmers. We have 2000 fruit trees of  apples, pears, plums, apricots.

Our spring's and winter's products are also fresh vegetables for local sales or  markets or in Rome's markets.

All the packaged products are biological that is olive oil, fruit juices and jams.

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This company has acquired the following certifications: Suolo e Salute

Certifications Information

Our agricultural company is certified by Suolo e Salute (N. 11-01403)

We produce biological extra virgin olive oil from our olives with a biological extraction process by Frantoio Silvestri (AP) (number of certificate 11-01529 by Suolo e Salute).

We produce apple juice in bottles of 200 and 500 ml (authorization 1438 / 2011), apple pumpkin end ginger  jam (authorization 1360 / 2011),  apple and grapes jam (authorization 1439 / 2011) and using Bartolacci biological company (certified by Suolo e Salute) for preparation and bottling.

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Germany, Italy, United Kingdom